What’s your nails care? I think here in Egypt, there’s a good number of women goes to the nails spas every week to get there nails done, me, not one of those, if i did that to my nails, they will get yellow and there will be no nails what so ever on my hands, you see, the problem is my nails are so so thin and break really fast, so for that matter i think my on the go care doesn’t hurt anyone, months ago i found this nails kit in H&M and i’m in love ever since, it has a cuticle cream, which is so good and i noticed that it didn’t just do wonders for my cuticles, but i feel that my nails are bit stronger now…

Other than that for the nails, buff and even them out and put some color, i’m now into reds and nudes colors, more basic nails, so with the hand cream in the end, you’ll find me very satisfied..
But there’s another thing i wanna talk about it here, if i ever decided to go to the nails salon, i hear the most bizarre things, you know those girls never stop talking, so one girl once told me what girls unlike me do to keep there nails strong, and guess what they put on them?
1/ Well the good thing is : Olive oil, it’s amazing for everything i can’t question that.
2/ But others use : Garlic! real garlic, and yea garlic is good for everything too but how!.. how can you stand such a smell! i wouldn’t dare for such a thing, would you?


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