How to deal with boredom?

So we are in fire, I mean Egypt’s on fire, not in a good way… at all. AAnd we’re under a curfew (like house arrested, from 7 pm till 6 am, meaning, you’re like Paris Hilton and we prevent you from having a night life, for your own good!.. but… Paris did something illegal, we didn’t…AHHH okay it’s for our safety anyway, enough with that, while i’m sitting 24/7 at home, thinking what i can do to kill my boredom, so i searched online cause i can’t find anything around me so the first thing i got is:

“Lying motionless on your couch?” Yahoo said, “Aha, Who told you?!” me replied,
“Counting the cracks in the ceiling?” he said, “well, i don’t have any but i got your point” me replied 
so in no particular order he gave me some ideas and i’ll tell you what grabbed my attention:

1. Perform an act of community service:
You see, he doesn’t even know what i’m in, ah you mean like cleaning my community or something like that?! Neeuuuu, that’s not an option, though i really wanna do that but lets just not talk about that.

2. Watch your favorite movie or read a book:
Well, there’s many levels of boredom, and i’m way passed this level, i’m not leaving my house for crying out loud! okay if i did that and watched a movie or two, what um gonna do in the next 20 hour ha?! NEXT!

3. Clean out your closet and drawers:
One question:  How that will makes me happy? (PS: if you have any idea about how my wardrobe looks like (of course you don’t), you will never even have the urge of picking up something from it) but, i will do it, i have to, someday, but not today, not tomorrow, not in a month to be completely honest with you, though i’m an organized person, but that’s just a lot of mess to handle in my current time.

The point is i didn’t find anything online, so i had to find it on my own way, and the only thing that makes me smile during the day simply is:

Talk to you friends:
Whether its good or bad talking, at the end of the day, you will feel like your not alone in this crazy time we’re living in here, we watch the news and everybody’s feeling sorry about what’s happening, too many people have died, we’ve lost count, the massive number of churches that destroyed, but all we can do now is pray for Egypt, and we try to avoid it because if we watch that one more time we’re gonna losing it, on the other hand we laugh hard when we’re bitching about men that don’t believe in us (we can go for hours), but all i want right now is some “peace” yea mentally and over Egypt...
Did i mention that i really reallllyyy want to partaaaahyyyyy, like so bad! Is that a good or bad thing to think under this circumstances? What can i say, i’m just feeling that..

Anyway, How do you kill your boredom when you under a house arrest? if you never did it, think with me, for me.

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