When I think about easy braids, it’s about horrible hair days for me. The braid on the back or on my shoulder (easier) that makes me survive the day without doing too much, but I never thought about doing a braid like this one —secured from top and bottom, it’s so cool, easy to go/do and sporty in a way that really works with any look, and totally makes you forget about having a bad hair day, in fact, it makes it like you’ve taken the time and effort to reassemble it all together to just looks more cool!

Do you make other easy to go braid styles? this one maybe?

  1. i’m more of a messy topknot or ponytail person myself, i’ve always associated the ponytail + braid as sporty/workout time and the messy hair with a sort of j crew chic style guide chic. basically every day is a bad hair day for me, so i’ve embraced it with sachajuan hair volume powder and salt spray. both would work well with braids too, however!!

    xx kenz,

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