One Face, One Knit Dress, A #$%&$#@ Different way

Ada Kokosar Ladies and Gentleman, The Italian stylist,  On Fall 2014, New York city, she looks cool, great colors/ texture combination and the details (phenomenal socks), but wait a min… I think i saw this burgundy knit dress before, no i’m sure!! i’m not delusional, wait, Noway! could she!?

Fall 2013, New York city, Again, the burgundy dress, with skirt of the same rich color, with khaki outstanding Opening Ceremony jacket, bare legs, et voila!
                                                                                                  A Jaw Dropper
YES GUYS! Fall 2012, New York city, (I’m starting to feel like I’m investigator here hahaha), here’s the Burgundy dress Agaiinn over great colored pants, long boots, long oversize coat, KATSHAAAWW!
This is a lesson for us on how to layer, Doesn’t matter if you wear something you love over and over And over again (specially if you’re at fashion week), she did it in an amazing way, otherwise i wasn’t gonna remember it so bad right!? and every year she’s proving how to develop the outfit in a whole different level (PS: it took me 2 hours to find the last image on The Sartorialist, i wanted to know in what exact year was this picture taken and if i’m really remembering it right), at the end, i was right, she’s absolutely right, that’s when it doesn’t matter how many pieces you have, as long as you wear it remarkably.
Images :, TheSartorialist.
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