The only thing I know is: Street style this season is full with sneakers, a few wear heels now, and everybody’s searching for what’s comfortable, specially in this weather, so lets sum what we saw this season shall we? because it’s even more comfortable to talk about it…

The Stan Smith Adidas, and yes they’re comfy, looks so good on anything, you can wear them everyday of the week, comes in different colors if you want and there’s the Star one too!, i mean Adidas is the deal this year, and Yes we have to wear things we already saw on Phoebe Philo two years later because she’s so cool, (again french people know how to set there own rules and makes the world follow), and that’s why when i see Phoebe every single time, she give me a hint of what my closet will be look like this year around,  
                                                Adidas is the deal this year.
We also saw Marc Jacobs in his show wearing it #SoCool, and also his girls on the Prefall collection, and yes every single one on the streets, including me, soon…
The one who started it all
SEE! i can’t decide which one to buy.
On the other hand, last year Nike was the first and almost the only one you could see on streets, it was so colorful!, Now, here it is in the -looks like it’ll light- sneaks, The air max one, in there basic and metallic colors (Metallic is basic right?!) duh. still guys!! Don’t these colorful ones brings you back to the 90’s aka school? (Same talk about Adidas too) Don’t deny it! and it’ll take your eyes for a whole minute and you can’t help it #nostalgiceffect.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          “ Hands down, Back To Basics
Now, for something i didn’t see as a young child, New balance baby! still on the streets, but not enough, (Damn you people! why?) still one of my favorite and it always have this kind of it’s own altitude…
Speaking of the favs! one fast question: Where the F* did these go?! (see below)…
Seriously people, how could you? anyway, holds a big place in my heart, and i know it’ll come back again and for some people it never left # Respect.
For now, I’m happy with this trend, more sneakers and comfortable feet until you can’t get them in a pair of Jimmy Choo! Yes! (No jk!) and i know all the women love this trend  too and it become bigger and bigger every season, comfortable feet equals happy free woman! And don’t worry you can wear them in your wedding day too! i mean if Chanel did it, so could you!
Now you turn, talk.
Images:, GaranceDore, The Sartorialist, Le21eme and Tumblr


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