Prints for the sake of summer

Prints For The Sake of Summer

Since you already here and actually reading this, let me try to convince you with what about to convince you with these questions…

—What is the best item for you that when you put on you instantly feel that you’re hitting this summer heat with the best look ever, that no matter what this heat gonna do to your skin, you’re gonna stand up high don’t give a shit but feeling pretty about yourself.
—Is this item is colorful and rich but has a clean feeling into it? Bright, make you feel like wearing noting?
—Is this item is your boom ChakalakaBang item! Aka your revenge item aka the one you feel so good wearing it on so you’re saving it for those special occasion such as… Knowing that you’ll pump to this guy that you like but now dislike so you just wanna make him sure what is he missing?

If two of the three got you thinking about one item you love and church then you’re safe.
If you want another item like that but on budget then you’re on the right place
If you don’t have any and want this smashing item in your wardrobe that will make you check on the three questions with fullest pride then I got your back.

I’ve heard several times that people don’t like Zara just because they think the prices there are too high, and when they see me in something from Zara and think that I bought it with a fortune, when I tell them I paid 30/40$, the first impression would be: how do you find these stuff there!? Here. that’s what we’re gonna do now.

There’s something that we sometime tend to go for when we’re short of money, we’d go and buy three t-shirts from a store for 15$ a piece, and get out of the store paying approximately between 60 to 100$ on regular stuff that we also have another version of in our closet but in different color. Why to do that when you can actually buy one good piece that will make you kiss your reflection or vice versa? Even if it’s from the same store?? Now, we’re gonna highlight the pieces that you think it’s for 400$ but it’s more of deleting one zero of that number! And that is the printed pieces for the summer sake that will complete our criteria above.

Like that blue printed skirt that I can see myself pretty in it, it’s light, the Moroccan blue is spilling out of it, I’m sold.

After some scrolling, I saw off shoulder matching top and could resist it, I mean can you see yourself in a monochrome summery outfit and slides in your feet! AAAnd when I play with it I can put a tee under the top and make the magical layers! yes it’s a thing! aha ha ahhhaa, aaand there’s another version (cutwork colorful flowers top with culottes), oh oh you could put them Aslo together or put everyone with more basic (or more crazy) item then you got yourself 3 clear outfits from 2 pieces, thank the fabric.

A quick question, Can pinstripes be apart of the prints chat we’re doing now? If it’s a shirt dress with palms then hell yea! or that striped jumpsuit that makes me feel oh lala! Isn’t it funny that every item I see makes me feel different things with different reactions!? Uh clothes is Life with capital L.

Or you could totally pull off that tall dress, think about it, tall dress is like having two mediocre short ones, it makes a statement, or if you’re not a fan of the very long, I suggest the one with yellow striped knee length chic one. Or, that Topshop Camo floral short dress that I can see a cooler version of me in it, I can imagine Alexa Chung crossing the road with it.

And if you’re not a fan of dresses and skirts, you can go for tunics, like this one, put pants under it, highlight your feet with metallic number, don’t look back.

That special edition top got me like; ooooh that’s me in my best everyday look, white flared jeans with brown leather slides, that nonchalant top that will makes you feel like wearing nothing and like we’ve never had this long conversation before. It’s from within.

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