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I talked to you about the things I love to do this summer and one of the things is winning the Bloglovin’ and H&M contest! Be the next breakthrough blogger.

I’ve been blogging since 2010, back then there were very few bloggers out there but somehow I never really breakthrough, as growing I worked in different things but my blog however it was always on my head, until I took it very seriously 3 years ago aka knowing what my blog really means to me and what I want from it and what it can do to people’s life. What my blog is really about and what I want it to reach.

I want my blog to be a community, the relaxing place that you come to after a long day of work and lounge here seeing that everyone’s know how you feel, everyone is going through the same issues and everyone is here because it’s a breather for them, the talk you talk to feel lighter afterwards, like sitting on a therapist sofa forgetting where you are and going really deep and after that you’d be so relived, proud, that you’ve said it and empowered by the fact that it’s just a phase and you were capable of getting out of it. Then you start looking at the bright side, start looking at yourself differently and loving yourself even more just because… let’s say you can imagine yourself in one of those looks that gives you another layer of happiness, gives you the aha moment that you were indirectly missing, and sharing this moment with us, and having a laugh in this long process!

All of this won’t happen magically or by luck but by very hard work on my side, delivering the content I feel content about and knowing that somewhere somehow someone will respond eventually.

Leandra, Bloglovin’ and H&M are giving the bloggers a chance to breakthrough, Leandra is gonna be the my mentor if when I win this, and after I know her secrets about running such a business my blog gonna be where I dream of it to be— out there for people, It’s a great chance and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT!

That’s why I chose to style my high waist flared cropped H&M jeans (that is the frame the shining armor of the whole look!) with a t-shirt (don’t underestimate the power of a simple white tee, Ok) as I knot it from the side as a pure fact of coolness, and because I wear a Zara buttoned shirt in rustic stripes open and loose as it gives you the contrast of the stripes from the inside of the shirt and out, you know, you feel it!

I wrap it all with slides that you can not have an eye on them  and be blinded by cool, inspired by Miu Miu fall collection slides that has a tinge of Céline and N°21 slides from how giant I DIY, oh didn’t I mention that I DIY? Because seriously, I can’t see that it’s doable and not actually do it. Yes, I’ll publish the DIY soon because I’m crazy about it! IT’S PINK! 

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