Realisation par leopard skirt

Is The Realisation Par Leopard Skirt The Best Midi Skirt For Summer?

I’ve seen the Realisation Par leopard skirt everywhere. If you’re following fashion Instagrammers, then you did too. So I couldn’t help but wonder, why this skirt is so viral on Instagram right now?

Success factors I keep question myself whenever I see this Realisation Par leopard skirt:

Is it that good?

Versatile that you can style it with anything?

Is it on trend?

Is it on trend but can go on the classics category?



Is it leopard aka the most flattering print this summer?

Does it make you want any animal print this summer?

Can it go formal with the right components?

Do you like French style? Do you see it slipping on every French girl?

Did we talk about it before it went viral, which makes me very, very happy?

Did Instagram make me feel that I’m a trend forecaster? Aka the mega mind behind this trend and every time I see it I tell my friends that I forecasted this trend which makes it all nonsense for not buying it!!?

Does it sell out every time you take the step to purchase it?

You see it on everyone, but despite that fact, you want it to make it your own because you have so many other ideas you still didn’t find online to play with?

Is it too comfortable  to wear every day and I, grantee, that I’ll wear it every day of this summer and be bored?

Doesn’t it just make you love Summer even more?

All the above, HELL YES.

And most of all, doesn’t this post will be a part of a forgettable history in less than 3 months?

Despite the price tag ($180), I’m going crazy for the Réalisation Par’s Naomi skirt trend. Seeing it everywhere, on everyone doesn’t make you want it less but even more. This is not weird at all at this age! Do you think of buying it? Did you make your decision and bought it? Do you have a list of fail factors after you did? I want your review.

This look 💕🐾

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