rosie assoulin resort 2017

Rosie Talks Straight To My Mind

I’ve been so not here and not posting that I’ve missed it like crazy hell! and while I’m writing this I just can’t convince myself that I couldn’t find the time for my posts or share what I feel or I love in life and the crazy fashion world that if you leave it for a week or so you’re gonna be screwed of the fact that the resort collection is here, hard, REAL HARD.

so here I am, asking for forgiveness, writing on a Sunday morning, it’s Ramadan already, I’ve been fasting and living the Ramadan aroma for 6 days now and living on the 7th, sitting on my bed, hearing Leandra Medine podcast on getting dressed for the weekend, leaving my hair as crazy as it could ever be on my back, watching a famous chef making baklava on Tv, taking a screenshot of the recipe because I could really want this when I eat, the ingredients itself is mouthwatering.

Now for the reason that I was so not productive here is the fact that this blog is made all by me, from buying a server to design a theme to the little tweaks that suppose to make it faster, all by me, and that’s great, really, if by any chance you’re either a web developer or a graphic designer and really know what you’re doing, right? but I’m none of these, a lot of times I don’t know what the hell i’m doing but somehow it works, I never did this before launching my blog and that’s totally fine for me, I mean look at it, the site is running, it’s taking a good route, its developing, and that’s what I’m learning, and I happy with it so far, do you like it? ha? ha? ha!

Back to our very important story! The resort collections that comes so inspiring more than any season of me, I find myself sometimes copying it from what I already have because of the fact that it’s giving me such great ideas that never came to my mind with what I already have in hands, and maybe also with a little tweak, the piece that I threw on the back on my wardrobe could go miles just because I saw it been worn like that and loved it.

Rosie Assoulin this season is one of my favorite, Rosie’s always one of my favorite, her pieces got all the ingredients that I like, volume, texture, silhouette, colors, ruffles, EVERYTHING, it confuses me in the good way, in the best way, the way that I say wait a minute, I had a gingham tunic like this one when I was 14 years old, where is it now? and I remember wearing it like this and that, it gives the good nostalgia that almost been forgotten— the best thing on earth.

And here we connected again and felt the unspoken words from her mouth! I note it, like always, archive it for everyday inspirational wardrobe opening…



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