Spring Trends #4 Galdiators

Either you wanna be a Hercules girl or cool-on trend girl. Or even both! They got all your mood swings, and it’s all in Gladiators.

One of the trends that I’m sure liking but still get my heads on how to incorporate it to my lifestyle and my wardrobe, but they got me on this too. Like you want classic with a dose of pretty for everyday? here you have Valentino flat ones, i’m sure that will suit your normal lifestyle! Or you want a little bit of height with a great suede pattern on your leg? yes all from a gladies? here’s Chloé, feel boho and edgy and cool at the same time. No? then you want a flat boots in a whole another definition of coolness and whole another definition of gladiators? Then you’ve gotta have Carven.

You convinced me, and I’ll be a dumb if i didn’t think about it for spring.

Images via Vogue.com and GaranceDoré

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