big earrings

State of Ears

Earrings is the piece of jewelry that can add to any look, any face, I sometimes forget to put earrings for a long time and when I go back to it I feel so different in the way my face change in instance, and as I’m starting my big collection of owing more good rich pieces, let’s take a good look on the best earrings so far this season, and yes, we still in the statement phase, because it’s kinda of liberating to wear one pair of big earrings or two different pairs at one time!

Where: Adam Lippes.

How: Wear two different pairs of earnings, as I’m having now a difficult time throwing the chandelier pair left of my earnings because the other one is missing (crying), now I’m gonna try that, and in silver and gold at a time!

big earrings

Where: Roise Assoulin.

How: Wear a big giant flower on one ear in winter to warm yourself with the thought of spring, it feels so feminine, fresh and the rhinestone will clash with the whole subtle style that I feel to wear all the tim…. (excuse my out loud thinking). One word, Big earrings people. Yes that’s one.

big earrings

Where: Isa Arfen.

How: As we can feel it, one statement pair of earring is not over yet, basic geometric metal raw piece is enough to make one, and for me, I need to search more for such a spectacular pieces.

How do you wear statement big earrings?

  1. It’s very good work but nowadays earings need different materials and designs to be so good in fashion so if you would like I can find others new material and we can work together

  2. i love love j crew for statement earrings – they’re relatively inexpensive, so when/if they go out of style the investment isn’t rendered useless, and they don’t look cheap! usually i’m nervous to wear statement jewelry, but i do like the idea of mixing and matching earrings!
    xx kenz,

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