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These Are The Best Photo Apps For Your IG Feed

I’m not posting on Instagram lately and the reason is that my eyes doesn’t like the feeling of my Ig account when I first open it! I would love to see what I already imagine on my mind but that doesn’t happen just like that (snap of a finger). People don’t get insta-famous just like that you know. I mean cool people. If that’s a thing.

For that I started the search for the best photo apps/ secrets to accomplish the perfectly thought-through but cool insta feed, and those app will change how you look at Instagram now;

ColorKuler: I just discovered this page and it’s crazyyy!! Simply it tells you what color your Instagram is! What palette do you use hence, you could get the feel of it! and the best thing is, you could type any name there not just yours, and from that you could get inspirations of color palettes as well! Fore example I’ll type @reformation because… you know, and that’s what I got!

Oooh, I’d love to have a light pink theme! Let’s do @alwaysjudging, because I love this girl, of course.

Sassy! (braces on while saying that, imagine). So now, we just got our feet… I mean feed on the ground, second let’s organize.

UNUM: Is my second favorite for how it can plan your upcoming photos, you sometimes do the math in your head and when you put it on action, it just come out wrong, this app does it perfectly for you! You can move, organize, schedule your page like you’ve always wanted and make it cohesive— isn’t it the word these days!? Now, you have the perfect frame. Ah, I forgot to tell you that they also have edits!! Ok, it’s on my top list.

Now for the edit apps that have opportunities just like VSCO! Because you got all the VSCO preset but you still want to explore/ try/ play more!!

Filmborn: That’s for people who love a film looking feed, you can change the lens in this app to shoot with ( 32,35, 50mm), and films such as Fujifilm, Ilford and Kodak films, aka it is the new trend that I can not neglect, aka it’s what I love to see nowadays when I’m scrolling my feed and would love to have a feed that looks like that. Just. Like. That. Ah, Did I mention it is for free!? Bur you can also purchase the pro one for advanced edits which you can customize the curves on it for example! Curves are the millennial edit bae!

Foodie: They say it’s for food, but I find that it has more play into it more than just that. It has 26 filters and yes you can shoot videos with those filters, it got those bright filters for your daily meals, YU4 is my absolute favvvvvvvvv!!!! It got this Glossier feeling into it if you know what I mean. Or those crushed black ones if you feel like it!

Now if you have any other secrets, this is a safe place to share. We only gonna use it for our own benefit!


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