Let’s talk about finding the perfect pumps for attending weddings…

We’ve already talked about the dress, the hair, and now we have to find the perfect heels for it, this isn’t to say that we’ll buy a new pumps just for the occasion and then will stay in the back of the closet till the next wedding. we want the perfect shoes that we’ll cherish and love because it’ll become our favorite new pair regardless of the pain it cause. (Am I just making this whole wedding thing my ticket to just have a new pair? Maybe). But let me aware you first, this post isn’t for weak hearts. or empty wallets, okay you can see but don’t touch, jk let’s all dream Shall we…

The Perfect Pumps 


4, 5 inches high. That height with the pointed shape give me a fair amount to be my ultimate favorite and essentials pumps in any wardrobe, the best feet silhouette for me, yes picture it in your feet in any occasion, at mornings when you get your coffee, with your jeans and crisp manly white shirt, and the more basic your outfit look, the more -notbasic- you want the shoes to look, and the more Parisian you’ll look. Imagine it with your twisted or sleepy head, hey you. From you to earth, you don’t look so familiar.

Here we have Saint Laurent leather ones that we’ll want to wear everyday, the satin Gianvito Rossi blue ones more chic for weddings and the glamorous Embellished suede ones are Miu Miu. I’ll take the damn three.

The Perfect mid Heels 

If 4 inches too high, and you wanna jump in the weddings or the streets, then you’ve the middies, gives you the same feeling, with the Miu Miu floral white pumps you can go everywhere with it (I just love white pumps), the metallic Nicholas Kirkwood pumps makes you shine enough for weddings and signature you enough on streets, and with the jimmy choo suede studded pumps, you’ll have a versatile pumps the you could wear from day to night.

Pointy with Anklets 

So feminine if you wear it with a dress and so professional with a feminine touch if you wear in the office. They define your foot in a clean but sexy way. uhhhh so cool! Here I have Gianvito Rossi leather pumps, picture it with pencil skirt or jeans or a short dress, oh yeas. Jimmy Choo velvet and suede pumps again so good for mid length skirts if you wear it in a wedding (I just wanna make you wear those with something that will show them off, like cropped jeans, or ankle length dress!) so springy. And Alexander Wang leather ones just perfect for everything, no need to tell, you already know that one.

That kind of Sandals 




The kind you can wear with short dresses and really standout, give the whole leg —not just the foot— the perfect shape, makes you the queen of the party, people will look at your legs instead of the bride. If your that vicious wear one of these. Here I have the Giuseppe Zanotti suede sandals with structured heels and crystal ankle cuffs no more to say. A Burberry satin one with knotted velvety front makes it sexy as hell, and Alexander Wang Suede, velvet and patent leather 5 inches with Swarovski details kinda sandal, it just have it all! if I have these, I’ll walk around the home with them at the —unconfident moments— a boost of confident! just in a pair of sandals! And that brings us to…

That kind of sandals 

Since we’re talking about weddings too (I got so drafted by this whole thing and I forgot we already talking about wed season, do you have any idea since when I didn’t go for shoe shopping? MOVEON). Here we have the sandals that you can’t wear with a very sparkly dress, but if the shoes is more important that your dress, then choose that. just make sure you choose the right dose of sparkle, okay don’t. Just go out in these shoes and be Carrie bradshaw for one night. We have Sophia Webster lacey crystal embellished sandals in rose, a silver glitter straps one from Christian Louboutin, and a very classic very 80’s straps with crystals from Charlotte Olympia.

The Mules 


Now if you wanna be Samantha Jones! oh yea I’m talking to you, Mar. These slip on kinda heels are just perfect, a very practical one from day to night mules by Gianvito Rossi, I think if Samantha exists now she will wear that one, it’s the modern version of the original ones like that ultimate sublime unconditional sexy satin one from Paul Andrew.

OR, You can wear this!



If you really don’t have anything thing to wear at the wed season like really anything, you just can wear Alaïa or Olympia. Nothing else, it doesn’t matter really, you just invest all your money in a piece of art and don’t worry, if someone asked you what the hell do you wear, say it out loud! ALAÏA! people will get that.

I think I covered the sexiest pumps in the city (almost, well no. this is just the wed. season, there’s still plenty of them and we’ll have the time for it). Now you can go rather dream about having one, or you actually looking at it right now in your foot, whether your number one or two, you have now happy mind and feet, enjoy.


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