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These Summer Nails Trends Are Here to Dominate

Floral, checkered and fruits? This way.

I have been on the search for new nails trends to try since posting these nails designs on Instagram. The nails designs scream summer all over Instagram, and I’m all for it. Taking a new nail art inspiration, or an easy technique to apply to your nails could be fun to try at this time of year. Even if you’re in the classic manicure side, you will find a new french style here that you play with this season. Below are the best and easiest nail art ideas for summer 2020 to DIY at home right now— 50+ more self care at home ideas here for you to check.


The one nail art design that started it all. This cute nails idea can be done with a fine brush using the dot method. Just pick two neutral colors to start playing with.

Fresh fruit

Pick your favorite fruit and draw it on one nail. Do the rest of the nails with the same color. My favorite fruits to paint are clementine and cherry.

Checkered nails

Is it just me or the checkered print is everywhere these days? This one is tricky, but with a little practice with nails art brushes, it’s doable. The results, um… AMAZING!!

Cute stickers

Nails stickers are a quick and cute idea to DIY on your nails this summer. You can paint your fingers with your favorite pop colors and use a tweezer to place the stickers on it, how easy is that? And it feels like you’ve had a great manicurist doing it especially for you.

Swirls nails

This candy looking nails are great to do on your nails. The artist used a water marbling and just played around with two pastel colors over a base color.

The “new French” manicure

A classic design that could be done with your favorite color (or all summer colors). What’s better than that? This is one of my favorite nails trends because it’s very chic and so easy to do.

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