What I Bought this Weekend

The bad thing in Egypt is that we don’t have any brands like cos or Asos or Acne no no neuuuu, Micheal kors just opened his store in Cairo and we’re very grateful for that (and since that happens, every single girl in Egypt wears MK bag, fake and real ones (but what is that for crying out loud?!) so we are not programmed to have this kind of stores to open here, we are perfectly happy with Zara and H&M, even if it have an old collections..

but there’s a good side here and that is when something like Marni collection for H&M hit the stores in Egypt, many girls will not understand that, and it will last forever on the shelves and so there’s me come to save it with a really reaally cheap price, happy me walking out the doors with a big smile on my face bringing another Marni piece to my Marni family (it’s a skirt with pockets yeaaaaaayy) so you’ll see it soon..

Another thing i bought is the magic lipstick that Leandra talked about, and ever since that post i got like a crazy woman walking the street searching for it till i found it, another happy me..

The magic bottle:
I found it while i was searching for the magic lipstick, it’s a hair mask and it’s several natural oils in one  cheap little bottle and the salesgirl seduced me to try it and i said why not? (it’s olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, cactus oil and watercress oil) yes it smells a little bizarre but we all know that those oils really good for your hair, so I’ll try it and tell you about the results..

Last but not least, cheap mirror sun glasses, I have my wayfarer glasses already but i can’t find a cool mirror one here, so this one is so cheap yet very cool.

So what did you buy this weekend? is it cheap but worth to try? or a very expensive thing and your happy with it anyway because you know it’s worth the money?

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