10 Fall Essentials for Effortless French Girl Style

I take the French version any time at any day. But the easiness of this Rouje Sempmter capsule collection is for all of us. Even if you’re a Parisienne style hater, you’ll find yourself dressed in a combo similar to these french outfits in the slideshow at least once a week.

I’m not talking about “I want to try something new” day, I’m talking about those stressful- My time is very tight, and I’ve too much to do, and the last thing I wanna think about is clothes. I have to look good, but I don’t know what the hell I’m going to wear, god helps us all- days. I believe we are all that girl.

The French girl life that Rouge captures is a reflection of an experience I want to live. Simple, carefree and full of plants! What you will get from the first sight is how this french girl looks independent and very put together from a character she draws with her straightforward style, which if you think about it, very 2018 essential. The collection includes items like buttoned high waist jeans, light sweaters, cardigans, essential coats and plaid blazers, a scarf around the neck. Floral dresses and midi skirts for a paradoxical effect. All wrapped up with a thoughtful selection of accessories of bags and shoes. Et voila.

You’ll think after scrolling this slideshow, why I overthink of what I’ll wear daily, I already have similar pieces! (or you can get these, of course). Now, after I’m inspired, this will be my mood board this fall, and this will be my style, comfortable, Parisian chic and timeless.


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