Here’s How To Style Your Old Blazers By The Rules Of NYFW Street Style 2019

My sister is coming to the town today! She was in Egypt my hometown, also where my fall/winter pieces are sleeping in peace. I told her to grab me a few pieces to shoot because let’s be honest, I’m not wearing summer outfits all year-long even if I have summer weather all year-long. Gotta layer some stuff to not get jealous around here OK! So while she was sliding the closet to evaluate what will go on the plane and what remains on sleeping, she asked:

-Your plaid blazer? ‘yes.’ I said.
-Your Ganni look-alike scarf? ‘yes, of course.’ I said.
-Your beige, pinkish blazer? ‘No.’ without thinking, I just wore it too much last season.
-Your black blazers? …I paused. Do I really need a basic black blazer I got 4 or 5 years ago to wear today? I started to think about it when I saw black blazers everywhere on the NYFW street style 2019. Although it’s not the same silhouette, a black blazer is the essence of all blazers, something we should not just ignore, we should embrace every season.

One button, double breasts, boyfriend fit, you can get your old blazer from the back of your closet and wear it now. Style it every day with your summer clothes and you’re done with fall style for good. In endless ways too!

In NYFW Street Style Spring/Summer 2019

Blazers were styled in various ways. The effortless way but not to be mistaken with easy, was with jeans and white tee like Emmanuelle Alt did, I still die on anything she wears, OG all the way. Just pay attention to every little detail.

A dress underneath the blazer with cowboy boots may be the new trend we predicted, ditto for leopard prints included in the equation. But mostly the belt on blazer style took the biggest piece of the cake. Grab a pen and take notes.

A visionary paradoxical combo is a way to go too. Romantic light dresses or skirts with an oversized boyfriend blazer is a look you could make the ensemble. Or or, a corduroy blazer with lighter fabric on the bottoms, or even a corduroy blazer with a lighter pair of pants from the same color scheme! The sky is your limit really, not this slideshow.

Images by Sandra Semburg from Vogue Paris


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