2017 calendar printable free

2017 Calendar Printable Free

It’s been a week since my last post, and this for me is a really long period to not to post in, talk about what I feel in my twenties or fashion, but I know that it was worth it since I’m not coming back feeling sorry empty handed, I got you something specialllll!


Ok, that was much, but I was thinking of it since the last month and I’m very excited that I finally did it! My first calendar which contains… probably everything!

Free Printable 2017 CalendarIt has the joy, fun stuff you evolved some love towards in the last few years— that are visually interesting, shades of pink, something illustrated, something hand written, inspiring words, something Gucci (May’s print is from a Gucci photo that I fell in love with), vintage pattern and 70’s anything. And AND Pantone’s 2017 color, just because it’s Fresh!

What I asked myself first when I created it, Is every page connect to the other? and what I found eventually is it’s a yes and no answer, like your life, it’s in sequence obviously but every month has a special feeling, how I feel every month in the year, there’s one person in there with lots of goals to achieve, a vision to create and for all of that, we need to start with a plan, and a nice kwwwell calendar is the right touch which has all the possibilities you can have.

You can:

  • Print it all out to have a yearly calendar.
  • Print it out month-to-month, and the more of one month, the merrier.
  • Add texts to it as notes and leave on your desktop.
  • You can have it as a desktop background.
  • You can print it in black and white for a minimal modern look.
  • You can collage the illustrations or the photos for some wall inspirations or frame it. Oh yeaaaa, Ohhhhh yeaaSSS.

The world is yours actually!

So here you are ladies and gents, may you fill it with happiness, goals, and shit that you want to remember the next year to learn from it, Happy 2017 xx.

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Get it now because it’s for free!


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