Tomorrow, at midnight, we’ll all say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015 with big wide arms! …like we did in the beginning of 2014, 013 and the year after that, Isn’t it just a series of the same welcoming and goodbye? we ditch the exact year we welcomed the year before, hating it with the hope of getting the next year as we planned in mind…

When I think about 2014 I always remember the worst first but without this worst I never would’ve learned the lessons, so let’s do a little recap about 2014, it’s like the Oscars, for best and worst.

Lessons Learned

Friendships: It’s the most valuable lesson of all, by now, I know that I couldn’t survive that year without it, and the family of course, but it’s so lame to put the family in a list eh?

Relationships: Never been an easy task, ditched it at the beginning of the year, in the matter of fact, I ditched the whole gender thank you so much. And when I really think about it, it was a year full of girls, a lot of talking about men at first but after a while I got used to that solitude life that I loved which made me think more about important stuff.

Growing up: Makes me not cool any more. Thinking about every aspect of life and every move is what I call not cool, I miss my adventurous side, I remember I was so cool about things, things that really doesn’t need that much thinking, and the more lessons learned, the more I lost my coolness about lot of things, but I know at some age, wise and coolness could be at the same horizon, I’m getting there… but I could work from my couch sometimes which makes me so cool to some people, right! well that’s a start.

Instagram: My Instagram account is my delusional place that all my following are already friends who I comment, like, communicate with everyday, but they don’t really know who I am, yet.

I’m not a model: Ha! (slap on the face).

Baking: Is my favorite thing to do at weekends, as I love the smell, the process, the taste of what I make, I even imagine that I’ve a small cake store, it’s really relieving.

Zara and Céline: The most two names that I got lots of ideas and inspirations in how to wear everyday.

Chances: Only comes once, if you didn’t take it, don’t regret it afterwards. Only thinking of how much opportunities that I didn’t take, even if it’s just a pair of earrings that really loved and  paused in front of it and didn’t buy, it was there for me, it was a chance and I’ll never gonna find it again.

Careers and Dreams: Taking a major steps in your career life is never bad, quitting a job that you hate is never bad, having money issues is always bad, but leaving what you hate to do to what you’re sure is the best for you is the best decision you can make in your life. Do what you want, anything, as long as you really want it, do a million thing in one time, as long as you want them all, it’s your life, and if you’re really want to reach your dreams that bad, you’ll reach it no matter what. But first… Have a Dream.

A lot lost, A lot gained as well: it’s the journey of life, and the moment you lost something you’ll gain something better instead.

Lessons Not Learned

Relationships: An equation that I’m not planing to solve any time soon.

Mind: It’s the only part that I never get to shut down, sometimes it controls me, sometimes I’m able to get along, most of my furious time I have power over it, it’s a love hate relationship.

Love is blind: But I’m not! Still… sigh. MIIIindddd!!

Aging: I never knew how to deal with the idea of that my skin, body, hair,… etc are never gonna be like what they used to be in the minute before, although how much the idea freaks me I never did a thing about it.

20 something: you know how they say youth is wasted on young? I’m a miserable 20 something young lady and I feel really old and I’m freaking out about how I could be at 27 after 2 and a half years, still, I feel like a 35 lady trapped in a 20ish body. That’s a mess for sure.

Patient: Something I’m learning in the very hard way, and I think I never will be able to get, that will come with my wise old years.


Blog dreams: One of the highlight moments for me that I really was able to work daily on my blog and how it made me so happy and how I want it to be the best everyday is what moves me, I’ve never been so sure of what I wanna do in my life like this thing and it keeping move forward because I work on it.

Teeth dreams: Braces on in 24>>> perfect teeth at 2015, and it’s not like magic, it’s shit but I’m looking at the bright side.

Reconnecting with inner self: To have that serenity about yourself, and how relief I felt afterwards, don’t be judgmental about yourself once in your life and taking a time to know/face yourself better is the best (happened few times in the year so it’s remembered).

Weddings and babies: Lots of friends got married the last year and they are expecting now (yaaaayyy!), and I couldn’t be more happy it’s a highlight moments for me for sure.


When I found myself saying to someone consciously and out loud: “I don’t believe in years anymore, Life is just a serious of shit.”… What the F@#*&!!

When I act like Not the women within me: When you say something or act like not you, or it’s really not you whose talking, its someone who lacks self-esteem and womanhood! Omg I hated it, that was a low-light time and don’t wanna remember it.

When I couldn’t describe what I do in my blog to someone professional: Drove me crazy, knowing that I exactly know what I represent everyday here!


The same list every year, made to be broken, to give you hope at the beginning of the year and forget by the midnight kiss and laugh about it at the end of every year.

Like my resolution from 2011, to be fit and have radiant skin, never gonna happen if i called it resolutions, I need to drop it for the moment, think about it at May and do it at the same time, we all are so over this stupid list. But we still make it for fun, so mine was/ still are:

-Be a native French and Italian speaker.

-Be fit.

-Have a radiant skin, Duh.

-Don’t go out with yoga pants.

-Always be connected with my inner self.

and the list could go on and on…

When I think about 2014 with the worst that happened on it, I think that what happens in one moment could change you entirely, and it’s how you’ll handle it will make you better or worse and what happened to me and thought then it’s the worst it could be, turned out it’s for my own best, there’s the ups and downs in every year, and as long as I don’t over think it or carried away I’m fine, I’m living in the moment, and welcoming 2015 with the best and worst of it, bring it on 15! & Happy new year, Cheers!

So Whats your learned lessons from 2014? Any new list for 15!?

Caution: This reading is not for wise people, as I wrote it in my down moments and while I was waking up.


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