I’ve never been able to feel what its like to be a very short hair person! Feeling the wind and be free without my long hair! Never take anytime to style it! and never thinking of that huge thing around my face on that night that I need to look sharp in!!

A Dream. But I’m not courage enough!

I see my baby self in pictures with the garçon hair (when I was 3 years old) and looking cute enough but not taking myself serious, the thing is I never saw myself while the growing hair process is happening and doesn’t have photos for it, shoulder length!?? Never!!!!! Am I missing something big here guys!!!??

Every time I see a short hair I go so jealous, jealous that I’d go in front of the mirror, going like what iffffff…. Entering my hair into my shirt and pulling it a bit… looking to myself… Nothing but shitty looking hair so that doesn’t do the work of the major change I sometimes want to do with my hair.

However most of the times I love my hair and the relationship that we’ve build together through the years I want to grow it much more and play with it, I love the hippie look and always looking for style inspirations but never try any because I’m so lazy! Sigh. You know what, a man is never satisfied.

What do you think about it, do you always looking for that major hair change even if it’s something you never did before?

Image: Zara.

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