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We’re Gonna Start a Thing We’ll Call AAZ & SAZ

As individuals, we love to be out of our own minds once or a while, no, let me rephrase that. If we’re going through phases all the time—and that’s what I’m in all the time—we love to be out of our own minds to even be able to think clearly afterward. Music, for example, gives the humankind that choice. Asking us the simplest questions: Do you wanna enjoy life a bit? I can render you that with pleasure.

That music that moves you to the limit that you can accept dying at this melody right now with that car speed you’ve created along those minutes. You don’t want it to stop, neither do you, neither do all of this mood. You feel like you’ve deserved that because finally someone could understand you without a word from your behalf, and was utterly adequate to take you to that territory you’ve always wished it exists, but never knew how it feels like until you cynically actuate the device. You relinquish all the problems in a matter of 5 seconds and cede. Then you become an expert, on how much you need, what type precisely will comfort you, and the perfect place and time for this new stuff. You now can shuffle your life but with your own creation of it—And how beautiful and easy that one is.

For that, I created AAZ & SAZ to share more. AAZ  is shortened for A-Z by artists and I may pass some artists because simply there’s nothing in my mind right now. And SAZ is shortened for A-Z by song titles which is easier because there’s always that song your mind tells you on every letter. We can also do AAZ for albums but we don’t wanna overdo it here to the limit that it won’t be fun anymore.

Yes, you’re allowed to look at your phone, your library, your Spotify or anything that you have a collection on. The rule is there’s no rule except one song/artist for each letter! I know hard. And again If you don’t have anyone on your mind to share, you can pass because we’re being authentic about this.

Like how would you choose between Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Rolling Stones when both are on the same letter? Normally my choices depend on the phase I’m in. The phases I’ve listened to those bands in, the resonated memories, the reminiscences, not just the music itself. Sometimes I can joyously call it a day just because I discovered a new track.

By deliberating that list, I remembered more songs that will actually fit my current phase and extend my happiness. Now, Are intrigued to try it? Share more please to make me high-er.

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