What to wear on a picnic

What to Wear on a Picnic Even If It’s Held in Unusual Places?

So here I am, another relaxation time, sometimes I think like, do I really need any? Then again, I think about the benefits, more summer time, getting some color into my pale skin and rethink more clothes.What to wear on a picnic

I decided to go again to Ras Sedr because I was so ambition about learning kiteboarding as Sedr one of the best kiteboarding sites in the world. Or maybe I wanted to go just because I wasn’t done with the sun+sand scenario, nor I’ll be anytime soon. Yes, it’s still pretty much summer here.

I spent 2 days there, the first day didn’t require so much clothing, but then when I tried to get around the city, I had nothing good to wear on my bag and felt so lazy to go home change. That put me straight into the position of I-wanna-style-myself-to-feel-happy on the second day.

What to wear on a picnic even if it’s held in unusual places? Somewhere like a tartan track for Example.

Not that it’ll ever happen to you but we take all the possibilities here, if you ever find yourself in that position, I, had put myself in that because I accidentally found this newly constructed court. It was on my list to make an editorial on a court with a dress worn to show a paradoxical feel. Instead, I ended up having a little picnic on it, the track turf was so good to not sit on and enjoy the picnic basket. More paradoxes you may think?

Consider Layering—

Now that we officially in the fall season,  and even if I can’t deny that Sedr was summery and all, it has a constantly blowing wind. For that, I had this cropped top that has a bow in the center that I topped with a striped shirt, because what is summer without stripes ha. This time I choose red stripes and knot it because it’s way fun to have two knots than just one.

Don’t buy another Skirt if you still wanna wear your summer dresses—

I added a floral dress that I wore as a skirt, matter of fact is, the dress hardly fit me on the breast area and I was kinda lazy to do all the buttoning of it to the top. So by hiding the top of it and make it as a skirt, I could live without buying skirts till that summer that comes after the next one.

Plastic is fun, not cheap—

By adding plastic handmade jewelry —not by me but the young creators of Sinai—with yellow glossy slides that mimic plastic trying to be more fun, and also to not sacrifice any other leather type shoe —all colors included without any hesitation whatsoever— I looked like an Italian grandma that had lived her youth years in Paris, which was the goal, obviously.

Butterfly it all the way—

Hair was, as usual, has its own butterfly moment. This grandma loves her basket bags because she uses it as a camouflage of having everything you need for a picnic inside it. But instead, she rather walks in empty, walks out loaded if you know what I mean. She borrowed that blue canned Pringles and finished while acting like trying to get the right shot.
She told me that my sunglasses look more authentic on her and took it for a try. She doesn’t know anything about my cry the other day about Le Specs and I prefer to keep it confidential for not making her want it more.


What to wear on a picnicI think we should name that granny, she’s family now.

Dress, cropped top, and Shirt: Bershka (I didn’t enter Bershka for 5 years and it surprised me last season) Slides: Zara, Sunglasses: Le Specs.

Photographed by Mehitab, Edited by me, iPhone shots.


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