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All About The Vintage Jacket

How did we meet?

We met at a Friday morning while I was choosing something from my never opened dad’s closet and while I was trying to find a fitted blazer for him, I found that… him, standing peeking at me and suddenly I found myself saying hi!

What was his first move?

I totally was doing every move in the book, I grabbed it and try it on, it was the non-perfect perfect fit I’ve ever found, he started flattering me, and I was falling fast and deep, occasionally I’m not like that but it’s just how it happened.

What’s his background?

They said it’s originally a 90’s generation fella, a silhouette that become a trend an actor at Egypt started to populated among all the fans back in the days, then it distributed to every store then dad picked it and they became friends for a while.

Then what?

Then the trend was over, but for some reason there was an appreciation between the two that made dad leave it in the back of his closet, dad got older and he got vintage never knowing that he’d be worn again make someone falling in love with, I was the lucky gal. He makes me feel that all the other denim jackets are stupid, all the new patches doesn’t count, I wear it with my brother’s forgotten tee and a darker newer shade of straight jeans that match the stripes on the tee (totally by accident), If I’d like dress up, I’d add a statement earring, my yellow scarf and my imaginary Manolo mules.

Do I think this relation will last?

You know when they say “the older you get, the wiser you become” same with denim only the older the more statement it’d be. We’re always looking for the next statement piece that fashion designers could hand us every season, we’re in hunger of something new to explore, to style and to get us feel golden every time we put it on, it’s the adventures itself, what will make the sparkle because a piece is never too old to make you feel it, neither you’re too knowledgeable to receive it.

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