best Fast food restaurants in Jeddah

5 Fast Food Restaurants You Need To Try In Jeddah

Ever wondered what do people in Saudi Arabia and particularly in Jeddah have when they feel like fast food? though the city has its share of the international fast food franchises like KFC, MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway, Hardees, Shake Shack, and even Nando’s, the city has its own fast food joints that are favored by the locals and tourists alike. Those truly distinguish Jeddah from any other place. Here are five of my favorite fast food restaurants in Jeddah.

1-Al Baik

It is argued that AlBaik deserves a city to be named after it. It’s a fried chicken restaurant like no other. The tenderest breast of fried chicken you will have in your living life is in this place. Believe me when I say better than KFC. And the first meal we have when we land in Jeddah. The menu is full of options from chicken cuts, and nuggets, to the fried fish, and shrimp. We also can’t mention AlBaik without mentioning its famous garlic sauce, dipping the succulent chicken with its crispy skin in their garlic sauce can be the highlight of your life *or at least a day*. It’s the memory that you will hold on after you leave Jeddah. Don’t forget to try their corn on the cob and their magnificent soft serve ice cream.

2-I’m Hungry

Think In & Out but better. This newly opened burger joint puts MacDonalds to shame. The fresh juicy beef burgers are hugged in a potato bun you will devour in a minute. You can choose to have one, two or three slices of burger in the bun, with a side of onion rings, French fries, mozzarella sticks, or all to have a hearty meal especially with a refillable cup of soda to keep you hydrated.

3- Al Wazzan, or Shaker Shawarma

The infamous Middle Eastern dish is the perfect fast food especially if it comes in a wrap so you can eat it on the go. There are two famous restaurants that serve shawarma in two different ways, but equally mouth-watering, the first is AlWazzan its shawarma is wrapped in thin pita bread. You can have either the chicken shawarma wrap with garlic sauce and some French fries included in the wrap, or the beef one served with mint leaves, get one of both or 2 of both. I mean it’s totally up to you and to your caloric restrictions (We won’t mention this again in the post).

Shaker shawarma is another story. It’s the oldest shawarma restaurant in Jeddah. They are famous with their fino bread, they toast it first, then you choose to have their shawarma plain or with the special flavoring (contains tomato, pepper, and some seasoning all grilled, and mixed with the shawarma). Of course, one sandwich isn’t enough, so get many and don’t forget to order their mango juice to complete this aperitive experience.

4- Maestro Pizza

Maestro Pizza was based in Riyadh, but it recently opened in Jeddah and quickly became a local favorite. They have totally unique and endless varieties of pizza and their menu keeps on extending. But they are famous for their ranch pizza. Their crust is perfect, their toppings are always on point, you will get exactly what you hoped for. Their easy to use-app is just the cherry on top, and the fact that they make so many offers makes it one of my go-to comfort food.


If you have this carb craving but want something lighter than pizza, manaqish is your answer. It’s a Lebanese delicacy that will blow your mind. From how it looks, it looks like it belongs to the pizza family. But it’s just different in taste. The varieties are endless, from the savory beef manaqish to the sweet Nutella manaqish. The plain Cheese manaqish is my weak spot. In my humble, but totally valid opinion, the best manaqish in Jeddah can be found in Manaqish in AlDiaa, and in Al Danube super market’s bakery. I truly can’t choose one place. Both are extremely good, but I have to say that Manaqish in AlDiaa has more cheese variation on top of it, so it’s slightly heavier than al Danube’s. Also, I can not go without recommending the labneh and honey manaqish.

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