Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley Collaboration with Admise Paris

Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley of Fashion No Filter—my new friends that I made the last Paris fashion week—collaborate with Admise Paris to make No Filter; what I call the best evening suits for the holidays season if you’re thinking “paradoxical sexy look” which I think I should take into consideration more if paradoxes is the pivot point of this blog/my mind.

There’re few cool things about this capsule collection which grabbed my attention:

  1. Eco Friendly, sourced and made in Paris. And a proportion of the profits will be donated to The Plastic Oceans Foundation. Meaning, you’ll feel happier when you purchase it.
  2. It comes in emerald, gold, sapphire blue and burgundy velvet, meaning, OPTIONS! I think every woman needs one of each for every occasion in her life. Like if I wanna feel Parisienne at morning, I’ll go out with the Emerald blazer with high waisted jeans. At night I’ll switch to full gold look just because I can be that sexy.
  3. How cool Camille, Monica, and Louise look at those images by Adeline Mai!!! Can we have posters with every order, please! I want that on my mood wall until March, please.

Images: Admise Paris.


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