I’ve many thoughts going on my mind right now that I couldn’t do anything with but sharing with you, why not!? —share mine and yours in a good sacred community is always the best thing— first, because you’re my new friends, second, because you need to know more about how a stupid mind I could have sometimes, well, it’s not that stupid but it’s more of a brainstorming of stupid thoughts that produced from hours of silence, not speaking can make the mind louder, and mine is louder than anything else now, lets just call them Wednesday mantras shall we, so there you go:

1/ Why to eat healthy when I can be young and eat what I really want now, it’s now or never kinda state of mind.

2/ Put myself first. I’ve to put myself first, I’ve to learn that now! I’m a cancer so I always put others first, I hate that!

3/ Dressing for what I want not what I feel…?? but I want what I feel, I’m feeling what I want, get me?? still I don’t feel good these days, I don’t feel it all the time —In control… it’s a shitty paradox that I need to work/write a whole post on.

4/ Coffee is really waking me up, it’s not just something I get used to do first thing in the morning, I had a prove just a couple of days ago.

5/ The love/ hate relationship that I have with my braces is just something else.

6/ If I didn’t go to a beach soon, I may fill the home with water and take a sunbath in the balcony (should I?), okay this is not USA, damn it.

7/ I need to take a week off (FROM MY MIND) and watch SATC and Gossip girl on a row, all day long.

8/ I need to find a good damn slides before August ends, damn it one more.

9/ All my readings this summer is about successful people and how they’ve manged to do it out there, because for real, life is a bitch.

10/ Having a latte with my laptop on my lap is my happy place now, and I’m grateful for it.

Uhh… relief, Finished, Your turn.


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