do you spend on mascara?

Do you Spend on Mascara?

I’ve a confession to make, I never believed in the fact that the more expensive, the more quality you’ll get when it comes to mascara.

What everyone needs from a tube and a brush is the ability to curl, elongate, and thicken with no clumps, however some high-end brands can have the 3 factors, I found the most holy grail mascara for me in the drugstores aisles, Maybelline’s Colossal, Cover Girl’s LashBlast Clump Crusher, and Max Factor’s False Lash Effect are closing the deal for me. Ok and L’Oréal Paris’s Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara!

More than 50% of women spend on high-end brands in the beauty department, and I’m one of those who spend extra cash on tints and foundations that give me the results that I hope for, but when it comes to mascara, I just can’t help but spend less, after all, I feel content when I find cheap great products that’s nicely arranged between my the other products the I spend more on, I call it Smart Good Looking Cabinet.

Do you spend extra cash on your mascara!? If not, hit me with the best drugstore mascara!

  1. I usually just buy maybeline, but I’m using bath and body works now. I have heard Bobbi Brown is the best, and would like to try it.

  2. WTF !!! Lack of personality of this blog which is only a pale copy graphical and editorial blog of Garance Doré !!!! Amazing to have the guts to copy as someone ….

    1. We all love Garance, she’s such an inspiring woman to me personally!

      I hate that you getting a misconception about the content of my blog because we all come from different cultural perspectives on life, maybe the layout is a bit confusing but I believe what’s inside is definitely different. And I hate to watch you go!

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