Easy Basics

What I love about summer (other than beaches, sun, all day summery aroma around you) is how you can through any light thing on you and go, a dress for me is the easiest of all —but the hardest to find— with flats, sunglasses, I’m ready and I really don’t wanna change after going out, of course only if you found a basic super one, with a fabric, details and a length you love, also one of easiest things is throwing a basic T-shirt, flats and one hell of a perfect jeans you have is more than fine for me for everyday.

Easy basics is something I can move on from day to night without feeling like suffocating, it’s normal safe choices that I make everyday and can be found on every wardrobe but it’s still a style definition you can tell from across the street, because if not, it’ll bring up one of these question: Are all the basic white shirts are the same? If yes, we wouldn’t bother searching every summer for the perfect cut, that we imagine in our heads and only that one. That goes for the basic flats, basic shirt or basic accessories, if you really thought about it you’ll find there’s not such a thing called “basics”, they all have the individual details that defines every piece from the other as well, and what you add to your basics is what evuanully makes a style, style. Even if you’re in basics from head to toe, every basic piece can define the person who wears it.

I think I’m wearing basics six days a week, not because I’m boring, okay I might be, but when I think about it, also my friend does that, does I look like her? far from looking a like and we both have totally different styles. Basics gives me a variety to explore how I’m gonna style it/myself, it’s like a blank white sheet and your ready to draw on it, if you draw a black thick line in the middle, then you prefer to be minimal, if you draw florals, then you’re a prints lady, if you’ve added sequins and glitters to it, then you’re on the glamour side, old cause you want vintage and so on, it’s the additional details you add that makes it all You. But how easy or hard you go on a regular very easy basic day?


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