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Fashion Paradoxes That Will Serve Your Fall Style

I wasn’t in peace with fall talk until I surrendered to the fact that it could be fun. I think I forgot about the visual paradoxes one can do in this transition weather with every day looks. Fall style with summer pieces like wearing sweaters over floral summer dresses, boots over summer dresses, or on a larger scale, the traditional elements you wore this summer with the funky aesthetics you could utilize on fall.

These are the components that will make a great fall look at the end of my day. Do it all together, do one every day, who am I tell you what to do? I’m here to share my pieces and welcoming you to share yours.

Still pretending to be wild on the most normal day ever (see stories)

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Animal Prints

Ok, so the news, in a nutshell, Leopard print became a huge trend this summer, and the Realisation Par skirt went viral more than once all over the social media. Knowing that animal prints are a winter ingredient, it was fun to wear it with white shirts in summer. But if you feel like you’ve missed doing this paradoxical act in summer, don’t worry it’s just the beginning, there are more options now to choose from, even if you’re more of a pants girl. It looks great in every shape.

Floral for fall?

It is groundbreaking for sure! As we’re leaving summer in the best condition, welcoming fall with floral is the best answer for a chilly winter. I call it the perfect contrast.

Dance your way into #fw18 with our ‘Angels’ collection #ganniangels

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Cowboy Boots

If combat boots were your best friend last winter, here’s an old friend came to take off the thrown. And I love his policy more. Much more paradoxical don’t you think? Ganni got me head over heels with this photo in particular which makes my later cases more robust, I love the combination and I would like This to be my dress code on fall, I’ll name it; A wild farmer is living in the city.

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Spring Colors Are Now Fall Colors

I mean, just feed your eyes with these colors all together, I pet you can combine all the spring colors together in one outfit, and you won’t feel oversaturated, the palette is so good not to fall in love with.

Straw Bags

You still wanna be attached to summer but want to live in fall as well? Stockholm street style fashion was grand at picturing this. I think you already have one, nut just in case you want one now… here.

Now tell me about yours? What fashion paradoxes you’ll do this fall?

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