gucci rectangular frame sunglasses

How Many Frames Have Your Tried Yet?

I think sunglasses are the only makeup I’m responsible enough not to forget to put on my face daily. I always choose a cat eye shape, and no matter how diminutive in height but interesting in shape a pair can get, you will find me in the most classic trend of it all— something new your eyes saw over and over and over again until it became a classic in our age.

That was the case when I cried over the Lotila, I cried, and I got it because I knew it will be a classic— means a piece that will serve you more than two seasons—and I wear it as my daily-removable-eyeliner till this day.

I also fell in love with a similar shape seasons ago on one of the Parda catwalks. Which got me thinking, why am I falling over and over again for the same style?

We ride together but are we gonna die together? I feel that my eyes want different things. They want to experience love with different pairs.

I entered a store a week ago on a fun day to try everything and not buy any, and I noticed a pair that looks so different from my taste. It surprised me the way it acted on my face when I approached it. As if it was playing a game by a different rulebook. I got intrigued and kept thinking about it day and night until I surrendered and opened that book to read online, it’s called

On the intro of the sunglasses page. My little brother, who was sitting beside me not intending to play any games from any book whatsoever but the one he was already holding in his hand. He glimpsed something that caught his attention screaming WOAH! In this rulebook, the intro delivred hardcore subjects. At least it was for my taste. For him, it was the coolest thing one can face the world with. He saw himself in one. I wouldn’t dare to imagine myself with such a pair. But after his real reaction, will I give myself a chance to clear it from style restrictions I’ve dragged it to unconsciously for years? Here’s a picture for that imagination.

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