When it comes to hair, I make myself the subject every time, because there’s a lot to talk about when I actually don’t do anything to my hair, and when I say anything, I mean every letter.

In my busy and not busy days I just wash it, conditioned it, no further than this, there’s not even brushing involving, and as you can see I stopped trimming it too. I literally do nothing.

Here, and because I had this party thing, and there was no way I could go in a topknot, it’s my daily hair routine and for parties you need to change that you know, so I washed it, made some curls here and there (which without this little care, it’s just a huge not defined curls on top of a head), and made the rest go there own way, and that’s what I got when I woke up next morning.

Even if it was a small process to make it that way, which I actually see myself on it more than the wavy/ smooth hair look, because that’s my natural wave right here, you’ll not gonna see me a lot with it, I’m so damn lazy when it comes to my hair, yes that lazy.

But I also love to see myself in a more decent head that’s so sleek with natural waves, you know there’s no girl loves her natural hair and wants the opposite, me included, but it takes a lot of time to make it this way (two hours) and I just don’t do this anymore, okay maybe when I feel like it, which is one in a month. Also, it depends on my mood, like your daily looks, but my hair looks the same since I can’t remember, and I’m starting to think about it…

I got tired of it and I need a change, no I won’t cut it, I love it long but I’m not doing anything with that either, the only change that I could make here is some bangs, but I don’t think that bangs will work with my natural waves (i’m being reasonable here), gosh i need something here!!! anything that will make me embrace my hair again because the matter of fact is I forgot that I have hair on top of my head.

I think I’ll go pixie.

Then I’ll regret that for the rest of my life. Naah not a good one for me, I’m out of ideas. What do you do when you need to change your hair mood?

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