How Do You Instagram!?

Ok, So I upload my photos in a V&H (vertical and horizontal) frame shape for so long now—not strict by the square Instagram shape and building your own structure for your IG profile so when you have a general look at it you feel cool. But I ache for the square classic Instagram shape for so long now, So long that I almost returned to it but I couldn’t feel it and got back to the frames again.

The dilemma of every time I see a classic square frameless IG I get jealous of how the 0 padding between the images making it more solid and full. Then you look at this cool account with its own shape, defined personally, a clean white studied spaces with color splashes giving you a put together act instantly.

As I thought this over and over to take a proper decision that I feel no regrets about, I felt that what’s more important is that content you put out there, still, the shape has a major fact on delivering the message, but it doesn’t need that much thinking time! Sigh…

I’ll do what I feel this time —newly squared. Or is it utterly whitely trimmed? Let’s vote.

How about you? How do you Instagram? Do you even think about it or you just much cooler than all of this?

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