How To Protect Hair In The Summer

This Is How To Protect Hair In The Summer

Sun protection for hair is something I never truly thought about. I mean, I barely remember to reapply my sunscreen every two hours, now I need one for my hair too! I seriously don’t need that! In Fact when I think of it, I believe need the opposite, more sun entering my locks so I can get that hair-kissed colored, yes it’s a thing, don’t google it because I’m not sure there is one, but I know that from the fact that I’ve been side parting my hair on my left side for almost 5 years and this part is truly lighter than the other, the other side now is just brownish grey, and I believe that because it didn’t get that much light. I’m not sure though, I’m just talking from my experience. However, what you can google is that hair and scalp need sun protection because of other reasons I don’t pay much attention to but very important.

Hair SPF is a thing

I’ve learned that virgin hair needs sun protection as much as colored hair. If you paid good money (or money at all) for a dye job, you need to protect it from sun, chlorine and salted water to prevent any brassiness or fading of the color. Also, sunscreen hair products will protect your scalp if you have fine hair and sunburn easily. So we all need sun protection products.
I love lightweight spray-on formulas that protect both hair and skin, so you won’t be thinking of too many products. Shiseido and Clarins are great. I also love this product more so for the chlorine protection it gives since I tan (try to) along with the pool more so than beaches.

Hair masks are key

I may not protect my hair against UV, but I slather a lot of masks on my head in the summertime. Nothing oil though, because my hair doesn’t like it. If I didn’t do that, my hair becomes this dull and rough that I can’t stand to hold it.

Before you take your first dip in the ocean, make sure you have your shield on, and I’m not only talking about UV shield I’m talking about mask shield, leave-in conditioners that will make your hair feel hydrated (if hairs have feelings). Saltwater makes wonders to my curls, but dries it at the same time, to prevent that, I separate hair into four or five sections and apply mask roots to ends, spray on some from the said protection, stay in the sun till I get some color, and then wash it before I take my first dip, and spray more SPF, I spray my hair when I spray my skin anyhow, et voila! Don’t thank me, thank the first natural mask that made me believe in all hydrating masks out there.

No matter how cool it looks, it’s time to say goodbye

I know that you want to stay with this textured beach wave that the salt reformed in your hair, but the longer salt stays is in your hair the worse. Shampoo and condition your hair after your beach or pool stay to prevent damage, heavy condition from roots to ends to restore any damage that could have established. Use after-sun masks treatments if you have a very sensitive scalp and need some soothing ingredients, I love this product and it’s on sale, and don’t forget hat-wearing.

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