What Will £10 Get You From Primark

As I’m sitting here chilling with my Starbucks large full fat milk cappuccino, or should I say ∼Grande∼ I looked out of the window, and saw the glorious Primark… for those of you not familiar with Primark, it’s a UK retailer, more famous than the Queen herself. As I looked out of this window, I recalled how many times Primark has saved my ass.

You know when you think that you have packed everything you need for a trip just to reach your hotel and realize you left some essentials at home. Whether it’s a vital piece of clothes or an imperative makeup product, and just when you are about to have a nervous breakdown, you remember Primark! You get that phone out, Google Primark near me, and find it’s only 15 minutes away. À pied, full of exuberance, you put on your sweatpants, gallop through the streets, and jump formidable obstacles (crosswalks), finally, the GPS announces your destination is on the left.

This exactly happened to me a week ago, as I waltzed through Primark’s checkout, I realized that I spent £10 on what I would like to call a survival kit. Basically, stuff that I can’t live without yet I always forget to pack, however, I’ve packed 10 books for a one week trip.

So without further ado, here’s what I got from Primark this week for only £10

1-Basic black and white tees

How I would describe my style? Well, I like to think it’s basically minimal. So I would pair a black, or white tee with any pair of pants, under a dress, or with a brightly colored skirt. Bottom line, I can’t live without these pieces in my wardrobe. Primark came to the rescue when I forgot mine at home, and I paid £2.50 for each.


I usually don’t brush my hair, and if I did, I use a very small brush in the shower and that’s it. When I got a big brush from Primark, I swear, it changed my life. I know it’s not Mason Pearson, not even near, but one of the main reasons I’m writing this article is to rave about this Primark brush. On my second-day hair I used it, and it was just what my hair needed. It gave my hair so much needed volume I looked like a Pantene commercial girl. The brush cost £0.90.

3-Brow Gel

Well, I forgot my Glossier Boy Brow gel at home, and I almost cried when I found out. Honestly, I wasn’t gonna spend $14 for a new one since I just got a new tube. So, I grabbed a £1 clear brow gel from Primark. I’m not going to say it’s on the same level as Glossier’s, but it gets the job done, and it doesn’t break the bank.


I have a lot of piercings. Right now, only 8 are functioning, and I’m always open to the idea of getting more. And since my hair is always in a bun, the earrings are just a fancy addition to a lazy look. Of course, I always lose my earrings, and I found these amazing set of earrings in Primark at £3. They include a pyramid and an ankh for god’s sake. My inner Egyptian queen was dancing with joy.

And there you have it, my well-spent £10, now what about you? tell me what do you love the most about Primark? and how will you spend a 10£ at it? think wisely.


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