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How to Shop Like a B* on Black Friday

Black Friday is tomorrow and I’m cool about it, I don’t know what is the secret of my coolness about it, maybe because of these words that keep playing in my head  since  two weeks ago…

We’re operating like freaking robots around sales, remember Annette Bening on Women when she entered Saks and her brain turned to a strategic plan of what to get and what not. Black Friday is just like any other day and I’m completely chill about it because I got myself planned for any circumstances here.

… an Email about the offers just came… Your mind, heart racing into the rejection of falling into the black Friday hole but…

  • Revolve: up to 50% off …you know that short dress that you wanted! No, Stop it! 
  • Topshop: up to 50% off …now I can copy Alexa.
  • Yoox from (23.11. – 28.11.): up to 50% off, extra 25% off everything, Free Shipping. …Ohh those Isabellllll!!!!! and those buckles on the Chloé pair!!!– Black Friday only: extra 60% off top brands, extra 25% off Everything including sale styles. …Take it slow. Easy and Steady.
  • (Black Friday only): 30% off all sale items. …Umm, I’m gonna also look around. Oh, they got the MIU MIU Mules I WANTTT! take a deep breath! They also have the MIU MIU Slides I DIY-ed and now I want those perfectly perfect velvet heeled pair. I going crazy now.
  • Nike (only on Black Friday): -30% off sale items with XMAS16. …OH the tracksuit I wanted! With the sweater! OK!
  • ASOS : -20% off everything with GOGOGO. …I won’t go there now, don’t look at me this way ASOS!
  • Neiman Marcus — The Thanksgiving Better Apparel Sale is happening now. Save up to 40% on regular prices in select Better Apparel. (Nov. 17-28) …I’m sold for this one, jk, I’m gonna check it because you know, just in case.
  • NET-A-PORTER — Receive up to 50% off on your favorite brands! ...What are you talking about ALL brands are my favorite!
  • Shopbop — Buy more, save more! …I’m not going for that… Use code GOBIG16 for 15% order of $200, 20% off orders of $500, and 25% orders of  $800+ (Nov 22-28) …little help here. Ladies!

Relax, Refresh and make priorities.

I only will buy what I want, and I know you say that to yourself everytime you enter any e-commerce site and they plan you so you get out with everything on your cart, the “only 2 in stocks” gets you every single time huh, WOMAN UP WOMAN!

You are a sophisticated educated woman who knows exactly what she needs from these sale days, timeless pieces that you’ll be proud that one day purchased then be handed to your grandchildren with the best story on how you got it. Nothing on the last trend that you’ve been so tired of watching scrolling Instagram and will be more tired of how people will sabotage it even more when they’ll buy it half priced.

However, look into the upcoming trends, the ones who you can establish, you can look into the future, aka the 2017 runways and take it from there.

If the piece will add to your closet, and I don’t mean what your mind convince you with— that it’ll go with everything and you need it right now, because your whole closet will be complete with just this pieces. If it’s something you truly dreamed of the whole last season since you watched it for the first time catwalking, if you visioned yourself with it everywhere and wished so many nights for this moment to happen, when you met in person— Is this kind of relations with clothes still exist? We need to talk more about this—then I can’t stop you.

Don’t fall into the buying, buying, bought, let me add it to the cart black hole. If you have it on your wishlist for 2 weeks then it’s only like, if it’s there for 6-8 weeks then it’s love, if it’s there 10 weeks then it’s admiration and this statics are build on experience. Aha.

That sums the black Friday for me and the holiday seasons shopping mind, I practiced to be in this shape and these are only the things I got my mind/heart on.



What about you!? What’s your mindset for Black Friday? and what’s the items you got your heart on!? Share, talk, and don’t shop without meeehhhhh.

*Like a boss, obv.

Bag and Boot illustrated by meh! Do you like it (popping doggy eyes)!?


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