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I Dreamt of A Certain Kind of Jacket

I dreamt of a certain kind of jacket. One I don’t really have on my closet.
I never dream, ever. I dream so much in real life that I don’t ever need to dream in my sleep–a theory I came up with and found myself saying to anyone who ever start his talk with last night I dreamt…

But when I dream, which happens once every month or two, I dream somehow meaningful dreams. I never dream of a witch form the Oz land who will come to rescue me from a dragon because we were old friends in the happily ever after town when our roads met there 2 years ago. Simply I dream of real life, the bad, the good, the really good, and clothes. I dream of clothes.

Yesterday, I dreamt of a kind of jacket that I never had in my closet as a grown up. A normal jacket. It exists in our real lives and I always love the way it looks on people, but somehow never purchased.

This jacket is simple. Has a perfect loop that hit the hemline of your jeans just fine. Collared classicly with long sleeves, the sleeves imitate the balloon contemporary silhouette. Featuring two giant fastening side twin pockets for the illumination of knowing what the business is all about. I haven’t dreamt of the color of this jacket, but I can imagine that it’s a linen-blend pistachio jacket.

My dream convinced me that I can wear this jacket fastened and be utterly chic with high waisted straight jeans. Or I can layer under the coat, and its front sides will always make the ideal appearance. It’s one star of the show. And of my dreams.

I woke up searching for my dream jacket and found similar versions but nothing like what I saw in this dream. Maybe you can help me? Here are the versions that you might like or take as a leading line.


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