New Drugstore Makeup Products 2019

New Drugstore Makeup Products That I Want To Try In 2019

There’s nothing better than searching for drugstore products to play with. ‘This is where you are going to know your face.’ I tell myself. Experiencing and trying different consistencies, colors and products. Feeling on top of the world when I get something cheap but really good that would competes with an expensive brand. Most of these products are new in concept, just launched or will launch in 2019. And I can not wait to try.

Revlon ColorStay Looks Book Eyeshadow Palette, $9.99

This Revlon palette is the next thing you want to use. The next thing I want to use. If your not a makeup person like me, and you don’t want to invest in an expensive palette because you are still practicing this whole new eyeshadow game. But at the same time want this bold, glittery sparkling eyes that everyone achieves not only at night but in the morning light. This one speaks to us. Available in 5 color palettes to suit every mood you would want to go for (The Insider palette is totally matte if you want to go that route). I also saw Katie Hughes uses these palettes in so many tutorials so here you go. A modern palette with a guide on how to use it in the best way.

Revlon PhotoReady Instant Cheek Maker, $11.99

If you’re tired of “for highlighters, fingers or a setting brush can be used for a perfect glow” tutorial quotes. Revlon thought about this fuss and launched a 2 in 1 product that will make highlighter application easy and apparently, anywhere! Think of this scene, at dinner table and your date is in the restroom.

Puma Color + Gloss Duo Face Stick, $10.99

While we still in Duo section, Maybelline collaborated with athletic brand Puma to brings us a product that will give the glowy-after-run face. Minus the sweat, you know that face that feels like you have only eaten red apples for the last months and the apples literally became your cheeks!? I can’t complain of this one and I’m so intrigued to know how it will work out.

Neutrogena Cheeky Wink Bouncy Blusher $6.50

If you want to see the pigmented natural flush on cheeks, looking very natural, then this is your product. Look at me! I’m a blush converter now, yes, that’s a thing! Me looking for all different kind of blushes, who knew!

Maybelline New York Snapscara $6

I read on Allure that this mascara is one of Maybelline best formulas yet. It adds some thickness and a lot of lengths—what I really want from any mascara because my lashes are very light. It’s also wax free so it washes off easily. I think I might order this one today. Available in 4 colors, one of them is Cherry Black, the one I’m eyeing right now.

Rimmel London Wonder Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow $8

This one caught my attention when I heard that this metallic liquid liner can change into a shadow. It has 16 shades, so more possibilities. I would go for blue shades because I’m living in the 90s’. Ohh or in green!! What if there are multiple green shades!!? It will be available in March 2019

Maybelline New York Made for All Lipstick by Color Sensational, $8

My mom just asked me about a good satin matte no-fuss lipsticks that she can try, and I told her about this collection. Why? Because these universal lipstick shades will look good in any complexion so even if I’m not with her and she can’t choose, it will be perfect anyway. The only thing that she will pick is a favorite shade, or seven.

Almay Brow Styler, $8.49

Metaphorically speaking, I turned the tube of my Glossier Boy Brow inside out. And before I order another one, I want to know what the market is offering me. Almay’s latest innovation stopped me with an interesting new wand, which has a longer and thinner shape to distribute pigment evenly to the brow. Oh, I’m so ready for this.


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