How To Wear White Jeans In The Winter Morning, Day And Night

I never considered white jeans as daily pants. I mean it’s white, delicate, it won’t handle my life or attitude around food. But I switched to this white mom jeans on a crazy day, where everything seemed possible.
One, because I was too tired of wearing jeans over and over and over again.
Two, because I only wore it once, and it has so much potential that we both can use.
Three, It is like a white canvas that you can put anything to it and will look good.

Plus, what can happen if I wore white pants all day? nothing! I just have to be more careful. So I have put it to experience. One white pant, three different looks from morning to night.

Morning: White Pants With The Newest Palette

On the first look, I wanted to channel the nordic girl inside of me. You know, that girl who looks so polished even if she wears a hundred colors in one outfit. I wore the pants with a vintage cropped sweater that has the best bell sleeves. Then wrapped a scarf that has a hundred color, so check. I didn’t want any black to break the rainbow that I made here, so I wore white old sneakers. Conclusion: The look was perfect for a coffee run and to start the day with. I felt energized whenever I saw a glimpse of me in the mirror.

Day: White Pants With Neutral Colors, Aka Winter White Outfit

I had a certain look in mind. One I saw at the Mansur Graviel Spring 2019 RTW show—you know that it is my favorite game in fashion week. We all already have some similar stuff. I wanted a silver ballerina so bad for the look, and I already have one (not to compare it with the MG pair, it’s too good), but I was so dull to leave in Egypt. I also wore some of these items years ago, but now the concept is so much better. The only new adjustments were the white pants, inserting the blouse in the jeans, and add a trench coat. I was happy with my semi-copycat. I wanted to show it to the world, I spent the most time in the look, and surprisingly, nothing happened to the white jeans. The raincoat worked as a table cloth in lunch, so it was also a ∼smart∼ outfit. I wasn’t wearing my shoes in the image, but it was a pair of beige flats. Just like feet. It can’t get any neutral than this. Conclusion: the results of this one were totally surprising for me, it was so easy.

Night: White Pants With Animal Prints

The final look seems to be for the night, but I can see this look in fashion week, at morning, at lunch, with friends. It’s the perfect chic look. I kept the pants, wore a summer blacktop to throw some paradoxes in the air. Then I threw a zebra satan smart blazer. For the finishing touch, I wore black sandals, gold hoops, and a thin velvet black scarf. Et voilà, Je suis très très très content des résultats! Conclusion: I have a whole new appreciation for white pants.


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