in flight skincare routine

My In-Flight Skincare Routine

Seriously, since when we have a “in-flight skincare routine”? I’ve been traveling for all of my life (since I wasn’t born in my hometown and my dad works on another country and I always get back and forth to visit him) But even with all the flights that I took for the past 28 years, my skincare essentials were wipes and lip balm.

But the new Instagram world means a new age. I’m here to be with the trend not against it. I’ve seen the wave all over Instagram for the past year. And while I’m not sure who intend it (the first time I saw it was in Gel Cream), I really liked the idea, thinking, wow are people doing this right now… since I’m really lazy and the flight time is always a wasted time (even if it’s scheduled) I can use it in doing something for my skin. So here I am, for the first time, minus the wipes and lip balm, thinking about my flight skincare products. If this is your first time too, or you are just new in this (aren’t we all? Seriously I want to know) let’s dive into the thinking process of the best beauty product to pack while traveling, and what can be my/your in-flight skincare routine. Will this be a routine?

No°1 Think Clean

I believe before starting to apply anything on your face, you need a clean canvas. For that, a travel size of Bioderma H2O solution or a milk cleanser is best to use before start doing anything. I love La Roche Posay milk because I feel more moisturized. With both products, make sure to use reusable cotton rounds, because it’s the new thing that I’m a 100% consciously in for.

No°2 Think Face Masks Even If It Will Look Ridiculousin flight skincare routine

I know, who on earth thought that it’s normal to put sheet masks in flights? But I got the snail sheet mask from Etude House (the mask contains snail secretions I kid you not), and I didn’t care about anyone around, actually, you will laugh from how ridiculous you look, so more points for you and your energy. After putting the mask on your face, remember to massage the remaining solution on skin, hands, elbows, wherever you want. Do not waste a bit. Evermore, keep that mask more than it says, 20 minutes is great, to begin with. Yes, to begin with. We have a long flight, just forget that it’s here and sleep (try). After my 35 minutes of looking like a crazy person, I felt my skin really smooth and hydrated, yes, much better than the snail version in your head.

No°3 I Will Take Whatever The Buffet Is Offering

After removing the mask that supposes to be so dry when you remove it. Get into the specific issues you have, and you always want to solve in your normal daily routine. For instance, do you have puffy eyes, dry skin, or some acne? whatever product you use daily for these main issues, get it with you on the plane. I use The Ordinary Buffet serum to target multiple signs of aging at once since I have deep wrinkles on my forehead that I like to reduce. And it also gives me that glow that I want.

No°4 It’s All About Hydration

One of the long flights’ essentials is mist to fresh up your skin! I forgot about my mist so instead, I drunk a lot of water (better to be honest). Also in longer flights, hydration is necessary while traveling to prevent a puffy face. Use a hyaluronic serum while you’re watching a new movie. By these additional steps, you will guarantee a moisturized glowy skin when you land.

No°5 Slather That Moisturizer

Slather it like nobodies business as the last step. You already know I use Weleda skin food for glowier and richer results and to seal all the moisture in. For even better results, massage it into the skin for a couple of minutes and you will notice a much-relaxed face. You can use a jade roller, but I prefer to work with my hands to tackle the areas that I want with the pressure needed for each one.

in flight skincare routine

No°6 Your Head Is Part Of The Routine

While massaging my face, I didn’t forget about my head. I forgot to pack anything for my hair but my chic velvet scrunchie (a rookie mistake). The next time, I will pack my Rosehip seed oil to massage on my hair and my face, who’s laughing now?

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