In Velvet Please

It was a post about velvet. Velvet dresses that I’m more in love with everyday, but when I was scrolling I found some people speaking only in velvet and party languages, they were at the new Zara Evening Lookbook, and I couldn’t skip it or not talk about it, ohhh you and your lame lessons again, but do you hate it? cause if you do I could really not… nah I can’t, it’s like a statement of a girl living in the middle of nowhere —Take it like that then drop it. Do I have to talk about the natural images again? No, because as you can see, the pictures speaks for themselves, the movements of the girls, they put you in the mood of the party right away, like I know that party! Isn’t it that one that was from the 4 pm? like after a while we can all watch the sunset together and dream! then when it’s dark, the boys will be there (of course there will be some boys!) then we could go to that bar, and have a burger because of the hell of a tasty giant burger! Yeah I wish I was invited to this party! and prove to you that these clothes are looking davishly good at the morning light to the dark night. zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (5)

Speaking of velvet dresses, the vibes of the 70’s with a bohemian touch that all written on one A-line short dress, with tassels at the end of the sleeves give me the feeling of… I don’t know, the paradox of time, place and chicness? zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (9) Watch out! The velvet pants are passing! well, it’s actually me!! yea, I’ve joined afterwards when one of my cool friends (I’ll introduce her to you later) called me and I couldn’t pass you know, hmm yea, it was a cool party, lots of laughs and pictures and effortless coolness on the air… zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (10)Yea, it’s actually not only a velvet pants, it’ a full dark gray velvet suit! here is me, merry and having fun. Uh, Shut up.

zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (12)



“SUP. Ahh here I had this thing… that I had to change the suit… well, umm..uhh Whatever, did you like my second outfit? Attention to the pinstripes please, eh?”






zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (6)




“Skipping to another friend, who was wearing a dress with an open sleeves that almost look like a cape, with fur vest, and over the knee boot, all the equation seems difficult to understand, yet so visually amuzing.”


zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (14)A Man! at Our party! excuse me sir, it’s a Gir…. oh, you’re a girl, shit! I love your outfit, navy tailored pants and double breasted blazer is all I need! Okay can I have the glitter boots, uhh I know it’s speaking Saint Laurent but it’ in blaaaackkkk and I’m in love with it okay, and it transform the whole look! okay with the satin details too. Can we be friends!!? And that the only girl that we called “Dude” at this party. Hmmm good times.

After I got crazy over that “Dude Cool Girl” I got even more crazy over this velvet kaftan this girl was wearing, there’s velvet gooses at this kaftan (four gooses)! and it’s sheer so I could where anything underneath! what’s this party with all those well dressed people! Plus there’s a fringed skirt that I’ve put my eyes on since my arriving ok, yes I’m looking at you young lady!

zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (2)




“Are we still talking velvet? because there’s a great velvet camisole top looking at me. Should I say hello?”





zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (3)





“Oh, that’s my friend that I told you about, her name is Sally but we call her ‘Attitude speaks louder than clothes’, and it’s kinda suits her.”


zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (4)There was also that girl with strapy dress that I couldn’t resist the idea of taking it over her body and wear it with some long coat, boats, scarf my neck, and step out with the whole look at a cold morning for coffee… but that’s just my mind. I’m more reasonable that him. Rly. zara-lessons_fashion-paradoxes  (16)

Okay Mind, you’ll talk her to sleep, I don’t know tell her a story or something, then I’ll pull off that galaxy dress gently and the boots and get the hell outta here! K!!? Mind: . Me: I said GENTLLLY! Offff you’re not incorporating! c’mon I want these booots!…….. fine, we’ll leave. I never should’ve take you to such a party, you don’t understand velvet ANYWAYY!!!!! So here I am, Did i prove it to you? Do you speak in Velvet? Images:


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