Yaaaay! Isabel Marant has opened up a new store in Dubai!

And you know how much I love a piece of Marant. #thefrenchsideinme

This store which by far, the nearest one to my hometown. It’s the first one in the middle east, and I’ve dreamt about this french side in the region for a really long, long, long time.

I love the differences of the Isabel Marant’s stores, no one like the other, which makes me wanna visit every other one, but the most thing I love is the raw and natural details that I only see in Isabel stores.

I’ve always admired how simple Isabel is when she talk about her stores and how she doesn’t want to overflow the countries with her clothes —as she said before in an interview, and that makes me, and everyone else wanting it more, like the more it doesn’t exist, that more you want it you know… plus, who you kidding, everyone wants to be french cool, and from the start, Isabel Marant is the core of that attitude. At least in my opinion.

Plus I want to able to feel Isabel clothes whenever I feel like…

Won’t you open your 20’s store in Egypt, Isabel?

That was a joke.

Image: Isabel Marant.com


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