Internet Access

It’s a good morning, fresh air, chills enough to blanket myself, croissant and butter, yep body, here we go, now to work, open the laptop, new dayyy of blogg… there’s no internet signal. 

Noooooooooooooooo!!!! I didn’t forget to pay the service! of course not, what’s date is it today!! shit times fly!!! i paid like 2 days ago! what and it’s Friday!!! the town is closed today, I think I’ll have a heart attack!! no noooo noo that’s not happening.

Okayyy calm down, there’s gotta be someway to pay that thing and in an hour you’ll be back to your zone, don’t worry… you control this.

Hello…  I wanna pay my pill please… okay good… when the service will return? in 2 hours maximum? great, thank you. I’ll chill for 2 hours then I’ll back to business, all good.

Two and a half hours later…

Why it’s not there already!!! I’m freaking out, my sister going crazy, even my little boy* wants to see the Goofy movie and i can’t do anything to him! I’m calling them again… Hello, i paid my pill but still not working… what do you mean it’s not showing that i paid!? Are you kidding me… and this is my fault becauseee?! No i can’t email you the pill because obviously i don’t have an internet CONNECTIOOONNN!!!

It’s was like that for 2 days, freaking out and feeling so… Numb without my internet, then i surrender to the idea that there’s not gonna be an internet connection what so ever.

So How the “normal” life will be for someone whose living his actual life on the internet ?

Someone like me and if you asked me that question (at a normal internet access day) my answer would be: I can fully live a life without an internet, the only teeny tiny problem that is my whole work is on the web but other than that I could live a satisfying life without it, I mean we lived like that before why can I live that now!? Piece of cake.
But in real world that was a different scenario, me talking to myself all the time, I’m checking my phone every minute then I throw it away because it’s a piece of shit without the internet, if my friends would call and says let’s go watch a movie I say no, it was an odd day, I didn’t wanna do anything, I felt lost then I thought let’s just make the day off, it’s Friday anyway, and you need that day, so chelaax… okay let’s check Instagr…oufffff, hmm… Tv!! it sounds like i found heaven or something! there’s “he’s not just that into you” movie is on right now, thank you Tv!! just came in the right time, tea, cakes, popcorn, then some latte, yea one after the other (don’t worry i’ll make it up later), so after the advices and the laughs, it was time to search for something else.

Sweeney Todd is on now (oh i’m in love with that bullfighting custom, you know the man with the accent (Mieester Toooooddd) came to todd, then Todd killed him twice… no i can’t watch that, that swings in the moods because of movies was not doing any good for me since i’m already a moody person, okay click click, uhhh Fashion TV!!!! i forgot it was there! it’s my only source now for feeding my eyes, there’s a Marni fall show and there’s editors commenting on it, ohhh Giovannaaaa where are you i missed you! there’s Lucinda, Bryan boy, everyone is talking and i was a happy puppy, i think i should watch Fashion TV more, then i realized this, i took the day off without looking at any screen but a TV and i felt i was back to 2000’s.

Then i switched to MTV and wanted to dance, will it’s 3 am, why not? (i told you I’ll make it up) and when you feel for a moment a second that you’re actually dancing like Beyoncé? like your following the steps, you memorized some so you actually think that your so cool and like UM a diva Ama AMaa a diva then Ludacris came out of the mirror for you cause you got that low, and while your having so much fun dancing but wondering how this song and Beyoncé albums doesn’t exist in your music library!!??

The lost of connection made me do things I don’t do that often too like:

-Watching this much TV like i used to before dedicating my life for the blog.

-I did some laundry.

-I watched more food shows and learned how to do a rhubarb pie which i think i’ll never do.

-I learned about vegetable gardening and let me tell you this, someday i wanna have a big garden farm. That’s always been a dream.

-I finally got out of my coma and got out with my friend in the next day. And that’s only happened when i woke up and find that the electricity was off, plus no internet connection yet. That was really it for me.

The next day wasn’t that hard for me, I learned to survive, connecting with the real world is great, meeting people and connecting in real life is greater, then I was more happy when I got back home and saw that my connection is finally back…
It was two tough days, one is tougher than the other,but the question here is, Am i controlled with a signal? like it’s taking all my life and i can’t live a normal life anymore, but my normal life seems so normal with my internet connection, but am i addicted? noonoo let me tell you why, i already got the service off of my phone, it’s only on WiFi now, and when i’m out, i don’t need to check everything every minute (because seriously i didn’t miss that much in two days, everything still the same) and be more with the real world, other than that, my everyday will have a lot of connections, on and off the internet.

* My boy is my world, he’s technically my brother, but let’s all agree that I’m his young mama shall we?

Plus that image was totally a Good morning Instgram image.


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