Weekly Celeb Replicate: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts style is underrated. Yes, there’re some looks the internet juggles here and there. There’s an opportunity of going viral with the tub picture from Pretty woman on a Friday afternoon, but where is rest of her work/styles!?

I get it, her movies style comes in force with our daily style as we are following the 90s fashion trends more every day. In Notting Hill, She taught me that a huge leather jacket is a mush since it goes with anything from a tee to a black cropped suit. Her street style with the sneaks and the ankle length coat is so good. I also recently re-watched My Best Friend’s Wedding, which made me rethink my whole schedule for my next celebrity replicate. Julia Robert style was on my radar to go under this new section, but I canceled another post to write this one today because there’s so much to talk about. I also dug a little deeper in Julia Roberts ’90s red carpet looks for more summer inspiration mood.

What I find is that Julia gets all the moods that I aspire to be in.

Julia is a mood on its own. She produces so many moods/characters that can lay into the same ceiling or woman. That I would love to conceive for my everyday characters/style. Maybe because I do my hair curly most of the times. And maybe because these times I find it challenging to wear whatever that goes well with that head, so I feel that everything she’s wearing with such a head would/should/could look good on me if that makes any sense. Some of these moods, or let’s say characters are:

The One With A Never Boring LBD

When LBD is made this way, I will be the first in line to replicate it. Wild ruffles mirror the curls on the head for balance. Some details about accessories here and there, ribbons on pumps, gold long bead necklace, a black little cardigan (in the gallery) or some defining details to get as far as we can from a boring LBD look. The same method has been followed in Pretty Woman black cocktail dress, and the results were always astonishing.

The One With The Jello/Crème brûlée Theory

This deserves a post on its own. The jello and crème brûlée theory that she tried to explain to Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding was how Mark (the guy they both want) suddenly want jello (which is Julia) because he’s comfortable with jello more than crème brûlée (which is Diaz) even if it’s just jello compared to crème brûlée. But that what he needs and the thing is, crème brûlée can never be Jell-O!

If we took this theory and applied it to Julia Roberts style, we would have this tank top as Jello! It is what we need more than any other item this summer though it’s just a tank top! This top is the jello for Julia! Lucky for us, we don’t have to choose between Jello and crème brûlée here, we CAN wear both together (I can eat this together too). And whatever she wore with this tank top symbolizes crème brûlée in the most perfect way.

The One Who Is In A Rush

If you asked me how many times I wear two sunglasses, one is a round shape on my head, and the other is a black, more of a rectangle ’90s frame on my eyes, I will tell you absolutely none. But I’m considering doing that since I already go out most of the times with one in my head and the other in my bag. Ok, I’m just kidding but she looks extremely cool in here, so maybe I’m not kidding. The thing is, Julia is really good with her choice of sunglasses, so I have to highlight it. Or maybe every sunglasses available at the time were so good, which I doubt.

The One Who Chokes In Her Croissant

Me. Not only when I hear a million dollars—why she chocked in here, but also when I see a really good home look. The look which resembles a relaxed lady who just threw something on without thinking, but looks effing cool. The classic white bathrobe with the bedhead, and the caftan with a scrunchie frame is everything I hoped for.

The Fashion Paradoxer

Julia in the same movie made me rethink the whole “I only wear gold jewelry” thing. An oversized pinstripe wool suit is worn with a waistcoat that is so feminine I’m going to cry, if this isn’t paradoxes, I don’t what is. ’90s Julia love her waistcoats. She wears them on screen and off screen, so you can have a variety. Speaking too much of this movie, I have to share this.

If you are wondering about what’s in her feet, it isn’t a loafer, it’s, in fact, a pair of brogue oxfords. I know I won’t miss this summer without recreating this look with a waistcoat, linen pair of suit pants.


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