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This Is How To Use Lipsticks These Days

When Gucci created 58 new lipsticks last May, all the social media burst with the idea of using lipstick not only for its mandatory use, on lips, but for eyelids and cheeks as well. Which made me remember when my mom’s sisters used to do this with their lipsticks, one lipstick shade, in particular, a metallic copper liquid lipstick with brown undertones that my mom newly got them from a brand I can’t remember– I was six at the time. It was a big hit! They glided it everywhere in their faces in front of a mirror that sits in a space with a very dim light before they get out. Their eyes, cheeks, and lips. What I still can’t get out of my head how shocked I was by the magical tube that goes everywhere equally good on their range of skin types.

The trick stayed with me, however, I use satin lipsticks to do it. It’s better to use lipsticks as blushes and eyeshadows for several reasons:

1- You will be a multitasker, and you will save money.
2- You will look more natural as you will create a balance between your cheeks and lips, for example.
3- With more natural lipsticks colors, you can enhance your feature with any formula.
4- You will save space in your bag.

For a glossary, eyeshadow look, I try a sheer and shimmery brown tone, or hot pink color if I’m going crazy. I also use metallic white and bronze eyeshadows as a highlighter.

I love pink and coral with rose undertones lipsticks color on my cheeks. Sometimes, I use it only for my cheeks and leave my lips bare. Or tab the color with my finger on my lips to get a very subtle blurred, sheer color for every day.

There are some great lipstick hacks I tried and found other women use. I thought I should share what the internets throw on me because sometimes, it’s really helpful.

Violette used a soft coral velvety color she found in Amazon ($8.82) that looked great with her skin tone, it just enhanced her natural beauty, what I love the most.

Another pro in doing the hack is Katie Jane Hughes in most of her tutorial videos, she literally takes the color from her lips with a setting brush and transfers it to her cheeks. This way, she guarantees that her lip color will look soft and the same tone as her cheeks.

Now tell me, how do you use your lipsticks to enhance other features other than your lips?

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