Let’s Talk Perfumes!

Let’s talk it all, what’s you’re wearing, the unknown for you, the resentful and what you like to discover along the way, are you looking to settle with just one? Are we still talking about perfumes!?

Since the beginning of time and perfumes is an important signature that the wearer love to look for, discover, sniff to go to places that never know was existed before, hoping at the end become the one. It’s not easy for anyone, and as we mingle to see the best suit for us, we know one thing for sure, we can’t live without a good smell.

Perfumes are like the last most important piece I wear to complete my look, sometimes without it feel like I’m not wearing any even if my look is A+, it’s one of the reasons that I forgot another important pieces behind just to get the simple whiff that I need to smell whenever I move. it could break or make a total attitude.

And since I tend to make everything into a post these days, I’d like to go through what I’ve learned so far about perfumes, also the unknown types for me.


What I know is that the fragrances that has more oil in it lasts longer, Eau de parfum contains the most oil, about 15%. Eau de toilettes have 8%, and colognes have 5%—googled that. I found myself that I mostly wear eau de perfume and that is a thing I didn’t pay attention to—didn’t google that but because of Google I’ve remembered something about myself, I tend to love what resemble the most heavy of it all— and found that only have one bottle of eau du toilettes—the everyday friendly bottle as I call it— that I prefer to wear at the noraml subtle mornings, it’s Yves Rocher Poire Caramel. Other than that, I wear eau de parfum everyday at night or whenever I want to feel extra good about myself.


Best method for me is All the methods! The steps of spritzing myself goes like this:

-SAWT “spray and walk through” but from above to get it into my hair without spraying directly to it.

-On pulse points especially on the left and right sides of my neck and on the very back of my cheeks for a double kissing effect—have no idea why I do it but I DO.

-Finishing with a SAWT (spraying from a chest level) for the clothes because I love to open my closet at morning and smell the last night good times.


It’s like you want people to know you that you only have this smell, and whenever they smell it on another one it reminds them of you instantly, but how about that other great smells that stops you at the street and wonder what that woman/men are wearing because you just want that to be on you, you ask, you know, you fall in love, you could meant to be until you run over another scent that makes you go, ohhhh so I’m bored with this and want to know that! excitement take over everyplace and forget that you ever smelled anything else, specially if it’s something totally new to you like;

The oils that I love to discover more about:

I need you in this, remember when I was looking for a scent that’s more vanilla and lasts longer? now because it’s springy sprung and summer is approaching us, I need something fresh and last lightly on the skin, I love oils and tried different oils but never mixed them! I find whoever do that are so expertise to do such a thing, I’m afraid of trying this method and fail and hate it afterwards, so is there a specific ingredient or you just make the move and hoping for the best smell!?

I’m really into musk but I don’t know any:

I remember the first time I tried musk was on the mall when I got to the Body Shop and tried a white musk purple bottle and I immediately was sold, I was sniffing my wrist every 2 minutes, I never buy it though, I think I didn’t have the money for it that time, definitely should try more of that, any specific moves/ names!?

That being in the process of discovering said, I only wear one fragrance at a time, if it happened and I liked the fragrance’s smell, I wear it till I finish it, I never through the bottle because it becomes a bottle of memories afterwards. I think my perfumes changes as how I change from time to time, like I wore the Prada Candy when I wanted something floral, sweet and sexy, hence all of that to be reflected, that was between 23 and 24, then I got into a unisex phase and wore men’s fragrances, I wore my brother’s 212 for men for 2 months wearing only masculine outfits with it—leather jackets and jeans nothing much but was much — then I switched into feminine outfits with it and people was like is that your smell or what’s going on with you, I let the imagination run wild. then I wanted something more me but rebellious as well, now, the YSL Black Opium give me that, I almost hated how intense it smells when I wore it the first time, but as it settle on the skin it gives a layers of what I just need—black, intense but not heavy, dark, sexy, and empowering—exactly what I need from 25 to 26.

Wondering if I’ll stay looking for the next scent or will find the one soon, not sure though!

Tell me about yours, what do you wear? what would you love to discover? and if there’s any suggestions on oils and masks please give it to me! Let’s talk about it ALL.


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