While my Instagram page full with my weekly bakes, (yea I bake every weekend now), here, I don’t post my baking addiction moments at all, but this classic Banoffee pie (which was the easiest thing) that I did was a hit and i was so happy with it and proud with myself that i couldn’t resist but posting it! You like it!? I think it just needed some chocolate flakes on top instead of cocoa powder, but it’s still pretty and was delicious! I’m off to make some profiteroles now, oui oui!

A fact: Did you know that I was a size 2 three years ago? and now I’m hanging on 6 hardly, but who counts anyway! I have one life to live… okay I count now and have to cut it down a bit, but a bit for me is like eating desserts just for desserts not for dinner.



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