My Isabel momento!

It was yesterday, oh tell me about it, yes you damn right, it’s Isabel, but just before you read this, i’m warning you because it’s gonna be devastating for most of you, unlike me! oh no, Im just.. happy.. yeaaahh! So What?! so what you didn’t get your hands on one piece you wanted so bad for a couple of months, dreamed about it, and you waited for it because you know it’s happening once in a live time and your totally getting Isabel for just less money and you could step out of H&M doors feeling the victory!What i’m trying to say here is yes i was waiting and dreaming about every piece, but after i knew the day before yesterday it’ll not gonna be at my city, and if you reached the maniac stage, you’ll think about getting a plane to the nearest country to get what you want and leave (which is 2 hours away from me), no i totally never though of that bffff..

Now the great words comes from the great mind, and my stupid great mind never stops thinking, even when i’m sleeping…
Stupid mind thinking: okay why complicate things Passant? Online! yes its a pretty good idea, you’re smart! lets just order these boots, just the boots, okay (maybe the white pants, okay and the bomber jacket, oh the coat, i love the coat, you’ll not going to have Isabel Marant coat’s everyday with this price, you’re neeeeeding this, here we go..

Stupid mind: okay i’m out.
Okay calm down and just flip Instgram, it only takes minutes and you’ll get there, lets just try hash tag IsabelMarant, IsabelMArantpourhm, hmmm.. i’m officially living on a lala land! whats happening again!?!
People went crazy (believe me if i was on earth with these people i’ll be at this line from 6am)
What! sold out after 20 minutes! is this a sick joke?! you’ve got to be kidding..
It was a chaos! people gone crazy, and picture every minute of this, while there was in a queue, trying clothes, the TAG!, the things in the bags, out the bags, on themselves again, maybe some boots on the table, even a picture of ebay 20 mins after the launch of the collection for 10 times the price.. REALLY!
Kill me now.
When you see this and you can’t have a touch of that, yea it’s very frustrating for me, believe me i was about to cry, it’s Isabel for crying out loud! okay deep breath..
Now for those who have even the bracelet from the collection.. consider yourselves lucky, for those -like me- who didn’t able to feel the thing.. please don’t be sad, more collaborations to come, i know it’s Isabel but some day you’ll have the real Isabel i can tell you that!
And today like any lucky blogger she’ll be posting outfits and of course.. even if she have it before she will do so, so all i can do is share happy faces now..
So if you experienced this.. TELL.ME.EVERY.THING!, if you didn’t, well tell me about too, because here, we share grief, sadness, and also success, for me, in the meanwhile, i’ll try again to get my hands on any thing! never give up my dear!

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