Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Here and I Did 5 Essential Summer Looks From It

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale feels festive. It is offering up to 50% off selected brands and products across fashion, beauty, and home categories. It’s when and where you go crazy with the shopping without any judging and give up the waiting for your wishlist pieces. Unlike how I deal with the rest of the sales, I can’t wait for the stuff I want, because it will not be here tomorrow. I think of a plan ahead to make the best out of this sale.

Therefore, a shopping guide with the best Nordstrom fashion and accessories deals has been prepared by me, for my reference, and you to follow (if you want to), and for almost all of your ∼cool∼ characters that you will go through this summer! While every essential cool character in mind, I want to designate each look as following.

The thing I would wake up using

While this isn’t a look for your body, it is for your face. Promising myself every night that I would take extra care of my skin the next morning and treat it like silk is something I probably do almost every night but never accomplish. When I saw the NuFACE facial toning kit on sale, it kinda permitted me to do it all better somehow. So it is the best beauty deal I have found on beauty, and the best look for your face.

The one I would work in

This look should be the easiest and comfiest. Try a pair of wide-leg crop pants with an ivory top with puffy sleeves, and wrap it all with a pair of loafers. Also, if your work allows casual wear, try these pair of Levi’s jeans with an artistic shirt. And add a colorful scarf to the head to clash with the whole look. Both looks will make you feel like an Italian man coming out of the Pitti Uomo 2020 event. Which is never, ever a bad thing. Thanks, NEXT!

The one I would vaca in

Whether you want to feel a vacation mentally, or you already in one (lucky you), another outfit purchase for strolling down the town is a good one, a purchase in the Nordstrom anniversary sale is excellent. Shorts or midi skirt with an easy top is a way to go, including a colorful hat, and a straw fun bag. Another great option would be a shirt dress because any swimsuit will look good under it. So it would be one of these pieces that I would wear from day to night.

The one I would lay on the beach in

A bathing striped suit with a 2019 summer color, with this Madewell beach tote bag ($24), and a bucket hat for some scalp protection. This is how I would spend my beach days. And how about you?

The one I would spend my afternoon in

This Free People tunic at $77 is great for a relaxed everyday outing. I would wear it with this pair of black tall shorts because it gives an illusion when does it start and when the tunic ends. A pink pair of stripes sandals, and a straw bag. Just imagine having lunch in this look, pasta in specific, the whole combination is so good to be true.

Now I want to heat about your wishlists, what did get and what do you wish to find!? I’m here to talk, and have fun scoring some stuff for you! Insert the observing girl and the flying money emojis.

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