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3 Stages of Styling Warm Clothes

3 outfits to beat all winter stages

In this weather, I don’t know how many times in a week I meet “I don’t know what to wear in this weather” syndrome. A syndrome that leads to an indecorous attire came out to life only because of an unexpected daily weather forecast. Therefore, I want to support the system. I’ve planned three basic outfits we all have in our winter wardrobe to be a fame reference for each weather stage that I have faced so far.

Stage No°01: the Stopped in Time Weather

Its officially fall, but you can’t seem to feel it much. It’s still hot but has a tingling feel into it. People around the world deceived you it’s so cold, so you followed a dress code you can’t even feel.But at the same time, if you get back to your summer wardrobe, you’ll catch a cold. In this stage, I suggest your favorite summer skirt with a sweater and a pair of summer shoes to get every air breeze between your toes. Remember, to wear a hot bottom with a cold top in the same outfit without feeling too hot or too cold is always a blessing, not a curse. That’s why i’m dancing my way out

Wearing on the featured image: Public market cardigan, Zara Skirt and slides

Stage No°02: Is It Finally Here-Weather

It isn’t entirely cold, and it’s not hot. You don’t know what to wear to feel comfortable in this weather. It rains for an hour, and the sun comes back on in the next. You finally feel warm. You want to add all the warming spices in everything you eat or drink. However, remind yourself, your summer wardrobe with a spiffy plaid blazer and maybe a scarf for a cuddling factor is enough to not feel bulky or to be on the verge of hating it all. Paired with high waisted cropped pants, and a shoe of your choice. It was a mixing party for me and damn I liked it.All

Wearing: Zara, Oysho top.

Stage No°03: Yep, It Is here, and I hate It

It’s getting colder, and officially wintering. You can feel it finally, but you don’t want to feel it at all.
For this stage, colorful pants can play the peculiar mojo part for better weather —let’s be honest, we never like the weather we are facing —with a wool sweater and a pair of glittery shoes (or boots of course) and the best teddy coat you have. The ensemble will encourage you to face mornings without feeling like sticking in your home because of this weather which is absolutely the opposite of not wanting to go out of your home. This first needs a smart acclimatizing and the last needs a well way to chill out.

Wearing: Zara Coat, pants and shoes, Stilla McCartney sweater, Public market Bag.


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