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How To Wear the Easiest Cake of the Season

Peer into your sweaters wardrobe, try to venture a look outside of your comfort zone, something perfunctory from morning to night. Satisfying but unfussy. I believe it’s all about details and the filling that can transcend the expectations. In other words, your basic cake can be elevated with the right flavors and confection.

Challenging Recipe for a Casual Dessert

Instead of wearing jeans, wear the old pants that you once bought but never wore, this tartan pair that you thought you’d rock but also thought it was a big purchase mistake. This paper wool pants, or that patterned pair that can’t help but remind you of summer times. Any pair will utterly look good, and will be better than your jeans. It will add texture, flavor, and intensity to the full look.

Filling And Decoration

This look’s personality or lack thereof can be enhanced with the right details. Hence a colorful sweater with a Corallimorpharia edging mixed with pearls quirky accessories will make an eccentric feel that you didn’t know you need on this cake at this time of the year, but after you see it all, it becomes quintessential.

You’re now ready to assemble. Finish it all with your signature hairstyle and pile some confetti from head to toe. You’re done.

Stilla McCartney Sweater, Zara pants and slides, Public market clips.


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